#458 Entrepreneurship & Business – S2 E11 – Start today! – Part 1

You have this awesome idea in mind? This concept of how you will change the market and indeed make this world become a better place! Your idea might be bigger, or at least as big as the business ideas that stood behind Amazon, Google and Co.? And now that you have your business plan right at hand, your are just waiting for the perfect moment to hit the road and kick off into your new business adventure? Well, in this case, todays blog post is definitely not for you! I am so sorry!

Because todays post is for people like us, the people that want to make more out of their lives but without having the perfect idea yet!

Of course you can already pretty much imagine your future life some couple of years down the entrepreneurial waterslide. Lots of colorful and fast cars that are sitting in your driveway, some big houses down the coasts and a super yacht with a helicopter pet. You don’t have a helicopter yet, but you never know! Its always good to be prepared, right? Well, but of course it doesn’t even stop there! We also want to be financially independent, always in control of our time and changing the world day by day! We are our own boss’, nobody dares to even talk with us without having an appointment and the list of business opportunities might be longer than the Amazon river itself.

😴 Hey you! Wake up!

You must have fallen asleep!? Was it a good dream at least? Man, I guess you need to sleep more and play less on your guitar hero! But on a more serious note! Sure! This life would be awesome! But come on! We are far away from a situation like this, am I correct? Or how often do you have a problem like this waiting for you to get done?

😴 Your personal assistant is calling, there is a problem with your online Ferrari order. The dealership wants to know if you really want to order two similar “Ferrari 458“, or if this was a mistake.”

Ferrari 458, which has incidentally the same number as todays blog. Source: https://pictures.topspeed.com/IMG/crop/200907/ferrari-458-italia-2_1600x0w.jpg

Oh come on! God, please! Give me problems like these! But honestly, the things that we have in mind will not primarily get us to this point in life anytime soon, right? At least not at the beginning. Come on! We are just starting! We just want to start-up a side business, something that we can do out of our garages or for the more classy people in this World, from our comfortable couches in the living room right next to the most awesome fire place the world has ever seen with our laptops right at gunpoint.

Never ever in history were the entry barriers to starting up into a new business adventure so low! Can you imagine?! This is our chance! Finally we did something right and got born just in time! Can you imagine how many opportunities life is offering us every single day! Oh god! Millions of them! If life isn’t awesome, I do not know how to call this! But we? What do we do out of this? Oh right, we say:

“One day, when I have the perfect idea! Then, I will start! I will launch this thing and skyrocketing towards the business olymp! The hall of fame is waiting for me already! Where they will put my picture right next to Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.”

What sounds like a mega excuse is in fact what? Right!!! A MEGA EXCUSE! Of course you will start it one day! In fact, you will start it right after checking all the financial risks, get an insurance in case you fail and let someone else trying out the business model for at least the next couple of 50 years!

The truth is, that we are super motivated to change our lives, sure! But not without our safety precautions! The safety belts that are holding us back, the airbags that dampen the fall back to the ground of reality and the safety net that secures our financial and personal future! Honestly, before we are risking everything we have, we better wait for the worlds best super duper ultra really genius idea that we might have one day! Well, and until then, I guess we will just wait!

But come on! Are you serious!? Just imagine what a professional motivation coach would say right now!

The best time to start your project is now!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Not tomorrow, not next week, not next month or even next year! The best time is not after you have achieved this degree, or the other one. After finishing this task or the other! The best time to start your project is right now, right here! Why? Because the perfect time for starting something doesn’t exist! There is always something going on in this world! COVID19 here, financial crisis there! Employment rates are increasing, consumer demands decreasing. Pick whatever time you want, you will always find at least one reason why this wasn’t the perfect time to start!

But come on, just have a look at the companies out there! There are thousands of business examples that have been founded in the most dreadful of time periods the world has ever seen! But well,

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, doesn’t it!?

Sure, if you had started into your business adventure in the beginning or the midst of the COVID19 crisis, of course you would have been almost doomed to fail, at least if your product portfolio doesn’t consist out of masks, other hygiene products or COVID19 antidotes. But wouldn’t that also been a great chance to actually see, if your business model is indeed the best text book example, future entrepreneurs will study in Harvard next semester? Or if your business idea is just not that good anyways! The moment your idea doesn’t survive, well, at least you figured this out the fast way and can get back to work now, improving your idea until it actually survives!

The End Of Part 1

See you next time!

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