#463 Life Coaching – S1 E7 – Design your future life

A shiny villa at the top of a mountain, a penthouse apartment in New York City, a farmers house in the middle of nowhere or an industrial facility turned into the most awesome house ever? Whatever place you want to enjoy living in until the end of your time. Can you clearly imagine this place right in front of your eyes? Can you imagine living there? Walking through the rooms and breathing in the smell of this most wonderful place on earth?

Photo by Suhail Suri on Pexels.com

In our life, we can attract things into it!

The people that think that this is not possible, well, just make a test! Get in your car and drive 60 km/h above the speed limit, sooner or later you will attract some police officers in your life. Or you win 20 million dollars in the lottery next week and observe, as all those people will come into your life that you hardly know anymore and probably haven’t talked to in a while. Or, in case you want to take a less radical and life changing approach, just start to google a certain topic over and over again for a week or two. You will see, the algorithm will deliver you more of that stuff and less of something else.

As you can see, indeed, you can attract things into your life! And honestly, you pretty much did that for the time being here in this world already! But sure, this doesn’t mean that it is always something good! Because in fact, the most of us might not use it for the good, but rather for the bad! We may attract more bad things than the other way around. Just imagine someone with a rather pessimistic approach towards life. The people that always see the worst in a situation and guess what will happen to them!? They will indeed get what they asked for, right? Problems, misery and all those other dreadful things that might exist in this world!

Can you design your future life?

I truly believe that you can! Why? Because so far I pretty much designed mine! And God, it works! I have indeed attracted so many things into my life, this is just the most amazing thing ever! Ok, maybe not THE MOST AMAZING THING, but something very close!

With designing your future, I am of course not primarily referring to the place you want to life in the future! Forget the pool, the super yacht and all those other things you have in mind for a while. Designing your life is not primarily about designing something in the way an artist would create a sculpture. It’s rather the complete package, we are talking about.

In this world, you can become whoever you want to become.

The only tools you really need for that are already somehow inside your head. Therefore, this time around you can not come up with any excuse why you can’t! Because indeed, you can! Actually, you can start doing this right now, right here! You have got the ability to imagine a future version of yourself! You can add emotions, feelings, scenarios, objects and all the other necessary things you need in order to make this more real and actually quite fascinating to watch. Well, and after that! You just start to walk in your new direction! You read the right stuff, talk to the right people, think in the right way, do the right stuff and eventually you will become exactly the future version of yourself, you had in mind a couple of years back in time!

With the time on your side, you can change your life and become the person you always wanted to become!

See you next time!

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