#462 Discipline – S2 E6 – The Process – Why routines work

I am more than convinced that you can become the most motivated person that has ever lived on this planet! Ok, maybe the second most motivated person right next to me! But today, and actually in the last couple of days, you doesn’t seem to be very lucky with what was going on in your life!

You had a good start into the day! Sure, it was not 4 am in the morning but come on! It’s Saturday, what do you expect! “What about the morning workout?” Well, yeah, I guess you skipped it. But honestly, you can’t do your workout everyday, right? Your body needs some rest! At least you will do your breakfast properly! Eating whatever you want and continue with your day, right? …

In life, we want so much, but do so little. We dream about a better future, but ending up not changing anything. We find excuses why we can’t. Why today is just not the right time for doing stuff. Maybe the weather is good and you want to enjoy the last sun rays for this decade, or the weather is bad and you have a headache because of it. Whatever else we can find in this world, guess what, it will always stand in our way. We wonder how others can actually do so much, when we only do so little.

The secret? I guess there is not that one particular thing that manages it all. It’s rather a compilation of things! A master mixtape of the greatest hits, so to speak! And believe me or not, but there is actually one song on this tape that can not be missing. And this is a routine!

A routine is something we all know. Why? Because our life consists out of routines already! Sure, you may rather recognize them as bad habits, but nevertheless. Even bad habits are just simple routines. Things we do, because that’s what we are supposed to do. You smoke? Why do you smoke? You smoke because you want to smoke? Or because you created a habit to smoke? A routine? Sure, there are also some chemical things going on in your brain, but if you are really honest with yourself. You have got so used to smoking, you would miss it in your daily routine the moment you would stop.

But why do routines work?

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Routines work, because they give us the comfort of switching off the brain! Sure, you can close your eyes and think about the process of starting your car. But you can also use your brain for something else, and the moment you want to drive somewhere next time, just let your autopilot do the work for you and start the car automatically. And don’t tell me that you do not have things like this! In fact, we have so many routines. I guess we have even a routine for having routines!

A routine works, because it makes your life more easy! The rules of nature say what? Right! Everything follows the most easiest path. You can have a look at the most complicated structure you can come up with right now in your brain and push onto one of the bars with a heavy machine, the forces in that structure will always take the most easiest route. They will not go around a certain place, or avoid contact with others. They will just take the simplest of ways.

We, human beings. Well, why should we do something else? We love sitting in front of a TV and observe as our time flies by! Sure, we claim that we enjoy the process of watching this movie! But is this really what is going on? Is this the truths? Or is the truth in fact the simple law of nature. That we enjoy the moments when we can take the easiest of ways?

In my opinion, routines work for most of the people out there, because they can not control themselves. They are slaves in their own bodies, sure, doing something all day long, but just not the stuff that they should do in order to move on in life.

If there is one thing you should start today, it is this! Start to implement useful routines into your days and observe, as life becomes more easy!

The easier something is, the more likely you can endure it! If I tell you to meditate for half an hour every single day, what would you say? You would tell me why you can’t! But if I demand only a one minute meditation, well, it seems like this is the most easiest thing ever! When in fact, it is the very same task only repeated 30 times. Meditating for half an hour seems to be impossible! But meditating 3 times for one minute in an hour definitely possible! You do it while waiting for the coffee machine to get done with the job, or when standing in the traffic jam driving home. In fact, there would be thousand of situation in which you can do it! But if you need to remind yourself about doing it all the time, well, you will not endure it! Therefore, you need a routine! And the moment you have one, well, it will be the most easiest of tasks ever!

Routines do save my life, why don’t you let them save yours!

See you next time!

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