#461 Learning – S2 E7 – Studying at University – One day you will wake up and know it all?

We go to university with great expectations! Oh! Sorry! I got this one wrong! We are the ones that go to university and our parents and friends have the expectations! HA! Right! Now I got it!

In the past, going to university was something special! I can still remember my parents telling me, that only a handful of their classmates would eventually made it there. But today, something seems to be off! What the fuxx is going on! Every “idiot” seems to study! What is wrong with this world? This can’t be the solution!

After leaving school in the age of seventeen in 2012 I started an apprenticeship as a technical product designer! And God, every time someone told me that they are studying something! Hu! They were like heroes for me! And then the people who had already finished it! What? You are an engineer?! Oh my God! How cool is that! This must be the most awesome feeling ever!

I really thought that those people are standing at the top of the world! The elite circle, so to speak! Ok, maybe that was an exaggeration, but come on! You got the message! I can clearly remember all those conversations I had with friends of my ex girlfriend, where I definitely felt like the smallest of the fish in the ocean compared to those guys with “Abitur” and future plans to actually go on studying law, medicine or engineering.

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Well, fast forward to the end of 2020. I am writing my master thesis these days and will finish with studying at the end of February 2021.

I have become one of them! Or let’s say, nearly become one of them! But wait a second, there is something wrong! This can’t be it, right? Mhh, I guess, it simply wasn’t my turn yet. My turn? For what?

One day or another I will miraculously wake up in the morning with all of the engineering knowledge right in my head, right?

I am nearly an engineer now, but come on! This can’t be it! I am supposed to develop the next Porsche 911 RSR for the 24h of Le Mans next year, or a fighter jet for the military, or at least a rocket with which someone can fly multiple times to the moon and back! And that even before having breakfast!

When reality kicks in, well, it hits you pretty hard in the face! Compared to the world out there, university was just the warming up! Sure, there is a lot going terribly wrong at this magical place everyone seems to want to go to these days! But being out there in this cold and nasty world? I guess you want to get back into the first semester pretty soon! That universities can be really slow and unorganized is not a secret! Come on! We all know the reasons! There is no pressure for them! A clear lack of competition! If a university would be a company, oh my god! It would already be bankrupt many times!

People go to university to do what? At least from my perspective, the dilemma already starts there! Some want to actually learn something, sure! But if we are really honest, most of us are doing it for the title! The title that will, at least when the claims of the society are right, will open us the doors to the big money one day!

A university is not what the general population thinks it is! At least not anymore!

I truly believe that someone can get a masters degree in any subject they want, even without being able to remember anything of it after 6 month leaving the university. In a world, in which pressure and good grades seem to be the only things that really matter! Well, no wonder that students do what they do! They take the easy path towards success! The alternative route! Why shouldn’t they? I can not blame them! At the end of the day you need the title! The way you got it? Well, nobody seems to care!

For me personally, I reached a point during the time at university, where I did not really saw the point in all of this anymore! You need to learn so much stuff! With the wrong learning method, well, you will basically forget nearly all of it as soon as the next semester starts! Can this really be the way how people are becoming educated? Does this sound like a good idea? The educational solution we have all waited for? I don’t think so!

Therefore, I had a different approach towards things. I would study the topics that are not even a part of the exams, I would read books about the topic, I tried to use the theoretical knowledge and do something with it in the real world!

Of course you learn the basics at university, that should be clear to everyone of us already! But after that, I guess there comes pretty much nothing! At least if you will chose the wrong professors!

Just because you are holding a masters degree in your hands, this doesn’t mean anything! What you are having is a lack of real life experience, my dear friend! At university, you do not become an engineer! You become the engineer while using the knowledge and actually make something out of it! You solve problems! You develop new products! You change the market! You set the benchmark on the innovational side of life!

One day you will wake up and finally understand, that there will never come the day when you will know it all! Life is just about learning! The sooner you understand this, the better! If you want to become better in what you do, well, what are you waiting for? You are living in the 21th century! Never ever in history was it so easy to actually find everything you are interested in, in just some clicks on your computer!

Study with fun, but god, repeat the stuff every now and again!

See you next time!

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