#460 20 minutes writing challenge #37 – Together

As one of you, my dear readers has suggested, this is our next song!

Fanta 4 – Zusammen

The rules? Pretty much the same as usual! 20 minutes and here we go!

Photo by Vova Krasilnikov on Pexels.com

Together. A word that means what exactly? To not be alone? To gather together? To be with someone? Someone close? Someone far away?

Do you feel alone in this cold and nasty place? Or do you feel pretty much comfortable being alone? I guess, these are the only options we really have. Sure you have some friends, but come on! When have you time for them? On the weekends? After work? In your summer holidays? The truth is, we spend never enough time with the people we like. We find excuses why we can’t talk! Why today is just not the perfect day for doing it. But come on! What do you expect! I have a job, a racing simulator, a blog that I need to write! Or do you think it writes it by itself every single day?

In life, time is the most limited thing we have. And in fact, it feels like we do not even have any time. You get up early, go to work, come home exhausted, get some rest and go to bed! Have I forgot something? It doesn’t matter if you are living more on the extreme side of things, trying to overdo things slightly, like I tend to do every single day. Or in fact chose the more relaxing evening on your comfortable couch in front of the TV. The argumentation will always be the same!

You will, whatever case you are using, finding arguments why you can’t spend more time with your friends and family. The job, the traffic, whatever it is! Honestly, I do not even want to hear this! But the thing is of course, that this is just a silly attempt to get out of the shooting line. An excuse that doesn’t make it any better, but at least our mindset thinks that this is really the thing that is going on! When in fact, we are the only ones that are responsible for it! And to be honest, if you do not do something very often in your life, well, this is a clear indication for whatever you think you want to do in this life, it is just not that important for you anyways! Because, just imagine it would be important, well, you would just do it, right?

Time is limited! Sure! But we decide how to spend our time! Not the other way around! It is us, that do not call our friends, that do not send them any messages or share some funny videos and stuff. Can we live with that!? I guess, yes we can! Or at least that’s what we are doing all the time!

Of course we could change! But do we want to change? Do we want a change? I guess that’s the only tricky question here to answer! Sure, it’s nice to spend some time with friends, don’t get me wrong on this! But I have a blog to write, a book to continue, a workout routine that is waiting for me to get done and this meditation practice before going to bed!

Theoretically you can do everything you want in life, but in fact will not even have the time to do 1 % of everything there is. Therefore, you need to set your priorities right!

To – gether, or not to – gether!

That’s the question! But I can not answer this question for you! In your life, you are the one that needs to decide!

See you next time!

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