#465 Fascination PORSCHE – S1 E5 – Insights From A Purists IGNORANCE

In this ever changing and up speeding world, it seems to be just a matter of time until we will hit the zenith of what seems to be possible! The pinnacle of automotive engineering! The best car ever created!

But some malicious tongues, at least in the world of the Porsche 911 model range, will claim something else. While for some, the 993 generation of the 911 was the last “real” 911, due to the air cooled concept of course. All those water cooled cars that eventually came later seem to be, at least from the perspective of those purists, a waste of resources and energy.

But come on, guys! You can’t be serious! What the hell? The best Porsche is of course the next one! This was always the case in the past and will always be the case in the future!

Well, at least that was my standpoint in life so far! I told those old and grumpy grey haired purists that they were wrong! That their claims are not true! That indeed, there will always come a better car! It will drive better, look better, just be better! Sure, it was never possible for me to convince those people to change their mind, but well, at least they did not convince me!

And here I was! Forming the opposition in order to push those old and small minded idiots back into their corner! Go to hell! And don’t destroy my Porsche experience here!

But looking at this world from a different perspective nowadays, well, I must realize in shock, that indeed, those old man were right! They have always forecasted this one particular day in my life, when, for the first time ever, I will not find the newest Porsche model more attractive than the old one before. When I will not feel any desire to own this new car! When it will stand next to me but I am not even looking!

I have never thought that this will happen! But indeed, I became one of those old and grumpy enthusiasts! A small minded purist that has definitely no lack of ignorance!

How could they do that? Using 3.0 liter turbo charged engines in the 911 991.2 Carrera! Are you mad! Have you lost your mind! And this new 992! What is this supposed to be? The car is way too big! Too over-designed! Too masculine!

I would have never thought that the day would come, but I guess now that it is already here, I need to find a way how to live with that! I look at the new 911 992 Carrera and actually feel nothing! No temptation to take a seat. No desire to drive this thing! I don’t know! It just doesn’t attract me! But what is this supposed to mean? That I need to buy the already pretty much overpriced 991.1 with a natural aspirated boxer engine?

I guess, I have found the solution already! Sure, I could get a 991.1 Carrera with 350 ps for around 70.000 €, but come on! I would live in fear that a mother on her way to the Kindergarten would hunt me down with her VW Golf R for half the price! That doesn’t seem to make any sense! Therefore, I simply quit! I say no to a Carrera! That is nothing for me! At least not anymore! Sure, if the prices will eventually go down! Why not! But it doesn’t look like this, to be honest! They will either go up or at least stay on the very same level!

But I want a Porsche 911! And indeed found the right thing for me already! A 911 991 Turbo. With a current price of around 100.000 €, sure, this isn’t anything close to a bargain, but come on! The latest 911 992 Turbo is such a beast, everyone will most likely want the newer car! Therefore, hopefully, the prices will go down! Making it a little bit more affordable to actually own one of the 991 Turbos one day in the future!

It’s funny how fast we want more, once we have experienced something better.

Sounds like a plan, right! Right! At least as long as we do not get a speed limit here in Germany! Because with a speed limit on the Autobahn, sure, I need a track tool for the race track, and that would be a 911 GT3!

Is the best car always the newest one? If you have ever driven a Porsche, you already know the answer! Of course the newest car will always be faster, better handling and stuff like this! But come on! Is this really necessary? At least from my perspective, a car is always as good as the driver! I was blasting around in a 911 991.1 Turbo S and well, the car was not close to it’s limit! I can promise you that! It was rather the German traffic laws and myself that frighted the urge to slow things down! 😅

There comes a point in someones life, when we understand, that there is no need to always have the newest and latest technology or model of something! Sure, a rain sensor that will change the setup of the car when it starts to rain seems to be like a good idea, but come on! I am driving a 911! I am supposed to realize this myself! I am not saying, that I want the most purest cars ever made! I have grown up in a world, that actually likes to get a bit of support here and there! But an “old” 911 seems to be such a good car already, is it really worth the bigger price just for the sake of owning the newer cars?

I guess, I am just getting old pretty fast! I am 25 years of age and already hear myself complaining about Porsche related stuff all the time. Funny! I never thought that this would happen to me!

Well, as always in life. We move on! We change our opinion and mindset! But actually, that is something good! This will bring a new light into our life, making it more diversified!

See you next time!

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