#466 Behind the Blog – S1 E8 – What Should I change?

If I ask you what I should change, what would you say?

That my posts are too long and the daily writing rhythm too much?
That the posts are too short and I am not really getting into any details?

And what would you say about the language I use?

That I should rather write in German?
Write bilingual in German and English?
Continue to write in English only?

And what would you say about the level of entertainment?

That I should try to be more funny?
That I should take it more serious?

In this blogging world, I guess, there is not really a right or a wrong! Sure, technically speaking I can do a lot of things terribly wrong! But in the end, I do what I want to do, right? At least within some kind of limits of course. If you don’t like what I am doing here, well, you do not like what I am doing here! But that’s the end of the story! Our paths separate! You go into this direction, I take the other one!

Photo by Miguel u00c1. Padriu00f1u00e1n on Pexels.com

But you need to please your audience! We have a right to get entertained! And indeed, you shall get entertained! But maybe not from me!

When thinking about my blog project here, I always ending up coming to the very same conclusion! I need to do things differently! I need to be more up do date and actually starting to get going in the social media game! Sharing thousands of fake moments of my really super duper mega awesome life!

You wonder why I haven’t done this before? Well, the answer is quite clear already, my life is not that interesting to watch anyways! Just have a look into my weekly statistic and you will see what I am talking about! Sure, I do a lot! But I do nearly the same every single day! How can something like this be worth sharing it a thousand of times?

I mean, of course! I would enjoy to have some more readers! Don’t get me wrong on this! Just imagining, that I would get up one early morning and figure out that there were over 100 people on my website yesterday. Oh my god! That would the most awesome day ever! Or what about 1000 people, or 10000? So many people! Sure! I would get enough motivation to hustle through the next 1000 years of daily blogging easily! But I would also be quite concerned! Or let’s rather say!


This blog project is intended to be a kind of a playground for me and my thoughts. A daily practice session in order to move on in life and actually reaching all of my goals! But well, I guess you can see the problem already!

It is supposed to be something for me! The author! Not you, the reader! And no, no no! That can’t work! That is not a good idea!

Well, I wouldn’t say that it can’t work, but sure, it is a real game changer! Just look at the top 3 influencer you are following online on a regular basis and analyze their behavior closely! Are they doing what they want to do? Or are they doing what you expect them to do?

Sure, we could divide those influencers into two groups first, the one group that is making money with this thing and the other that is not! But still, you can see the very same trend!

If you want to be successful, you need to solve another persons problem! The more people that have that problem, the better! And sure, if nobody has that particular problem you can solve, well, make them believe that they have this problem!

These are the basics of marketing and entrepreneurship! Sure, you can also name the thing by its name and make a commercial like this!

Keiner braucht ihn. Jeder möcht`ihn.
Nobody needs him. Everybody wants him.

And sure! Maybe you have success with that!

Of course I could write about things that most of the people out there want to hear about! Trying to clickbait the hell out of you. But honestly, that’s neither helping me, nor does it help you! This project so far, at least from my perspective, is going pretty much in the right direction! I improve day by day and have a lot of fun while doing so! Do I need more?

Well, I guess, that’s not really the question here! The question is: How is this blog experience from your perspective? From the eyes of a hungry reader? After 336.457 words, I guess it is finally time to think a little bit more about you guys as well! Sure, I learned a lot! But have you learned a lot as well? Has your life changed over the time? Could I make an impact on you and your life?

What do you want to hear more about? How do you want to get the information? What do you like with the current project? What do you do not like? Where should I go more into the details? Where should I give you the facts and just shut the fuxx up afterwards?

Without knowing what you want, well, how am I supposed to make it any better? I guess the answer is quite clear! It needs to be short, sharp and sexy! It needs to entertain you! It needs to be brilliant!

But can I be brilliant all the time! Can I nail it every single day!? At least I can try! That’s the least I can do!

Therefore, I will make some further changes in the future! There will be an essential series where I want to focus on specific topics by giving you the hard facts only! There will be a kind of a limited words or letter kind of a blog post, very similar to the twitter format. And sure, I have some other great ideas I want to implement as well!

But just for the records! What do you say? Sounds like a good idea? Please! Feel free to give me your feedback! What should I change? What should I make better?

I guess time will tell when this thing will finally go trough the roof! Until then!

See you next time!

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