#467 Introducing “TINY MIND”

As life proceeds, we try to keep up with the pace. COVID19 here, economic crisis there! We hustle and hustle and hustle! But for what? The greener garden? The higher paid job? The freedom we will hopefully hold one day in our hands?


Selling the dream? Staying in harmony with our body and soul? Keeping the balance? Having a career and a family at the same time? If there is one thing we don’t have in life, it is this: TIME! Or at least that is what we complain about all day long!

TINY MIND is my newest category on this blog!

A category for you, my future readers. The kind of readers that lack the will power to endure, to persist, to push through until the very end. I have understood by now, that I am different! That the way I look at this world is something completely to what others observe!

TINY MIND will be just that! TINY!

You can always add another sentence! But can you remove one?


Where quality and not quantity matters!


The way I see this world. Hard facts! Universal truths! Short posts that will give you everything you need!

See you next time!

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