#468 TINY MIND – S1 E1 – Goals

What do we want? What do we expect? In life, we want to achieve great things! We go into the world with an open mind.

Sheer endless opportunities are waiting for us! Look! Here they come!

But life is not always about honey in the streets! Life can be quite difficult! Sometimes even hard! We may suffer! Live in fear! Do not meet the expectations others have projected onto our personalities!

Having goals is something good?! Sure it is! But goals alone? They do not change anything!

What we need are perfect goals! But do they even exist? Can you name such a perfect goal? A goal that is never too high, nor too low. A goal that is just outside of our reach? But never too far away?

The perfect goal! Never too close, never too far away!

Photo by Markus Winkler on Pexels.com

What would you exchange for a couple of perfect goals? Your soul? Can you imagine how your life would change? Or is life just an illusion by itself, anyways?

The perfect goal? It can not exist!

As life goes on, we stay put to our faith! Maybe we do not even notice, but as the world turns itself into the very next day, we do the very same thing.

Time flies by! Of course it flies! But our goals? What do they do? They change! We all wanted to become firefighters, policemen or doctors one day. But sure, then we got 7 years old and our goals have changed.

The problem with goals? They are never a part of our reality! At least not for long. In life, we always want more! The greener garden, the better looking girlfriend, the faster car. But what we are doing is crazy! Don’t you see that!? We tell ourself that we urgently need something new in order to be happy again!

When indeed, we are supposed to be happy already. Every single day!

Enjoy every day like it would be your last? Well, maybe next time around! In this life, I am supposed to hustle! To work my ass off like a crazy man!

Goals!? Life could be so easy with the perfect goals!

But do perfect goals even exist? At the end of the day there is only one thing that will matter! YOU!

You need to look at your life and be happy! Happy for what you did! Happy for what you didn’t do! If you do not have any goals! Change this! NOW! But set your goals wisely, otherwise, you will never actually experience the full potential of your life!

See you next time!

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