#469 Racing is life – S4 E12 – The Road into Motorsport – Why Having a schedule is so important

A schedule! We all had one when being at school. And what was the best thing about it? Right! When a lesson got cancelled. Well, nowadays this kind of behavior might have changed! But maybe not!

Motorsport is a highly complex and expensive endeavor. But don’t we enjoy challenges? As Ryan Holiday would describe it in his book “The obstacle is the way”. The obstacle is indeed the way!

Meaning that you lack a lot of knowledge, skills and experiences today! But while trying to deal with these obstacles, you will get better, improve and indeed getting closer to your goal!

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Step by step! Day by day!

But if we are realistically looking at this thing that is standing in front of us, well, a daily schedule doesn’t seem to be the right choice! We have a job, a family, other hobbies! We can’t just possibly know what we can or can not do on this very same day one year ahead of time! But sure, a daily schedule is of course not even very practical! Life changes quite frequently! #COVID19

What you need is neither a too tightly planned day by day schedule, nor a simple three steps to succeed guideline! What you need is something in between! Something that will prepare yourself for your mission, tell you where you want to be in 10 years, but also defines the next couple of steps you urgently need to take right now!

Sounds like something that doesn’t exist? Well, I thought so back in 2017 as well, when I have started my mission! Today, over three years later, I know that you do not even need to know the complete way!

You need to know the following:

  1. Where do you want to go? or What is the biggest goal you have? And come on! You definitely know that one! For me, its participating in a complete NLS season and the 24h race at the Nordschleife.
  2. Where are you standing right now? How much experience do you have? How much money? How much time? Just analyze your current situation. Do you have kids, do you have a family? Do you have a race car already? Do you know how to drive? Just look at your current standpoint in life!
  3. Define milestones! When do you want to get going in motorsport? When do you want to have your first track day? When do you buy your first racing equipment? When do you get your license? And don’t tell me that you can’t possibly do that! Just start with your final goal, set the time for that, and put the other ones in front! Believe it or not! But you will instantly notice that this doesn’t seem to be possible and push the events further away in time. At the end of this process, a realistic approach towards things will appear on your screen!

I started with sim racing in 2015. In 2017 I decided to take this more serious. In 2019 I was driving a formula student race car. In 2024 I want to start doing my first track days. In 2028 I want to start with my first races in the RCN. And so on. And honestly, you never know! I practice around 2 hours a day on the simulator, plus at least one hour of sport. Where will this kind of behavior will lead me towards? You never know!

4. What can you do today in order to get closer to your goals? Which things do you need to understand? How a car works? How to drive fast? How to earn enough money? In order to be successful in motorsport, there are a lot of things you will need! From the mental toughness to the financial resources! From the driving skills, to the racing team! Therefore, always ask yourself! What can I do today, in order to get one step closer to my goals!

And well, if you really focus on this! There is only one outcome possible! You will succeed!

But without having a schedule, well, I just don’t see you reaching your goals any time soon! You will forget about certain elements, and as we all know, sometimes the details matter! You can tick 99% of all the boxes, but without that 1%, well, you will fail!

You go into a train station and ask for a ticket. What does the person will ask you? Right! Where do you want to go? And when do you want to be there? Well, without being able to give these information, what should they do? Just give you a random ticket to one of the trains? If you do not know where you want to go and when you want to be there. How do you think you will manage to be there in time?

Why is a schedule so important?

Motorsport = high costs = huge financial resources = a lot of problems! In racing, not the best car wins, but the best compromise! In life, this is the very same thing! If you have a schedule for the next 10 years, you can make it happen eventually. If you do not have a schedule at all, you will always miss out on at least one thing in the equation, and well! As we have learned at school! The more variables the equation has, the harder it fells to solve it!

Don’t let too many variables unanswered! Define what you want and just follow your instinct!

See you next time!

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