#472 Introducing my new category: REWIND

As life moves on, we tend to do the very same thing. We grow up, we change our interests, we spend our time differently.

In the past 472 days, I have changed a lot. And looking at my life so far, this seems to also be a real trend. If you had known me six years ago, well, you wouldn’t believe it! Compared to this, I guess I have quadrupled my skillset.

But isn’t it funny? We tend to change so frequently but do not even notice it. We just live. Day by day. Hour by hour.

In this new category, I want to stop this process for a minute! I want to go back a couple of hundred pages and rewind my former posts. I want to have a look at what I have done in this project so far and will try to make it even better!

Why is that interesting for you?

I guess the answer is quite clear! We learn a lot out of our past mistakes. We improve by making things better! But if we do not look at our own mistakes, well, how are we supposed to get any better?

I will have a look at my old posts and statements I made on the blog and tell you if these statements are still accurate and worth to be remembered today or if they are totally wrong and therefore need to be corrected!

In the last year, my mindset has changed quite a lot! Therefore, I really think that it is time to look back at my old stuff and make this even better! There is definitely no right or wrong in life, sure! But as it seems, we can develop a certain sense for what feels right, or wrong. Not to everyone else, but at least for us and our own lives.

We look at our own life and need to be what? Satisfied? Happy? Disappointed?

REWIND is an attempt to make this project even better! And God, we have a lot of content to chose from! After 340.000 words so far, I guess this may take a while to rewind them all.

You have a favorite post and want it to get rewinded? Sure! No problem! Just write done the number in the comments section below and I will rewind them sooner or later!

See you next time!

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