#473 REWIND – S1 E1 – #1 What is this all about? – An Introduction

That was obvious, right? Of course I would start at the beginning of my blog project and pick the one and only #1! Posted June, 29 in 2019. My very first blog post ever!

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“What is this all about?”

“Dream & Act to Succeed”, this is the title I have chosen for my blog and this is the thing we will talk about. No matter what you do in life, this is the “holly grail”. This is the kind of advice an elderly man would use his last breath with, to share it with his surrounding family members on his deathbed in an over exaggerated Hollywood scene. Two little steps, that are making the difference all together. In this blog, I want to document the “secret”, “the ultimate way to success” or the “How to become successful”.

Well, what do you say? Not that bad, right? Considering the fact that I was doing this in a couple of hours on the couch, without actually knowing how to write a blog. I guess it is pretty damn good! As you can see! The name of the blog was Dream & Act to Succeed, which became later just DREAM ACT SUCCEED which it still is today! Sure, it doesn’t really matter how you call my project, but of course, it’s not that important anyways! Those three words, in whatever kind of an arrangement, will give you everything you need!


Bad mouths claim that I still have no clue about how to blog and maybe they are right with that! But as always in life, you can accept your faith, quit and do something else! Or, you just push through until the very end and learn out of your mistakes until you will eventually become better, maybe even exceptionally good!

Day by day! Blog post by blog post! And sure, the main focus was never on the actual process of how to have a successful blog! As you can read in the red ink above, I want to document the SECRET, the ULTIMATE WAY TO SUCCESS, the HOW TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL and not the how to do a successful kind of a blog.

Did I reach my goals already? Mhh, a tricky question! It seems like I am doing a lot of things right, at least in the last couple of month! And sure! I have shared a lot of insights with you guys! You can basically have a look at my weekly statistic where you can see literally every single hour of my past year and how I have spend it. What better way is there to show you the way towards success? Please tell me!

I know! Sounds so horrible! You are right! What do I know!?

But this time, it will be different! This time, we will use another approach. This time it will be the truth. No life hacks, no secrets to success, no bullshit. This is the real-life story, this is for you and me, the “normal people”. I will show you the “how to implement”, or the “how not to implement” this into our busy schedules.

“Why?”, you are asking? Because life is too short for doing things you do not like, for waiting for dreams to finally come true, for distracting yourself from your problems day by day or for wasting your time in this wonderful world.

Ha! There you have it! I do not build up a fantasy world! I am not an influencer that wants to earn money with this thing! At least not yet! 😂 I am just one of you! Someone normal that wants to move on in life. I guess, in the last 473 days I could clearly show you how not to do a blog. Just kidding of course! If you want to learn how to do a blog, well, don’t ask me! But if you want to know what it takes to write a daily blog, well, the statistic will clearly indicates that. A lot of your time, clearly focused on this one particular mission! Concentrated effort! That’s all it takes! Oh, and sure, a bit of persistence and motivation can not harm the project either! But honestly! My start in this blogging world was horrible! I just had absolutely no clue what I was doing! But sure, I did not care about that! I was just trying to make todays blog post a little bit better than the one before! That’s it! That’s the secret! And looking at this project today, well, I still tend to do the very same thing and actually make this project better day by day.

Have I met my own expectations? Have I followed the mission I set for myself 473 blog posts ago? I guess the answer is yes and no! Yes! I have endured the struggle and came out a better person! But no! I am still kind of talking around the important stuff, looking for the right words but can’t find them anywhere! Have I told you the real life stories? Yes! At least I have tried to! But sure, only to a certain extent! I guess I can still improve on this and go all the way to the depths of my hearth and soul in the future!

Lessons learned: More real life stories! More about what I think and how I feel!

In this blog I want to give you the exact “process”. But not only that, I want to show you the real-world consequences, I want to share the good moments and the bad ones. Very similar to Henry Clay, who ones taught James Pollard Espy a lesson on starting by the letter “A”, I want you to follow me on my journey. Step by step. Day by day.

Day by day! You see! I did not even had the intention to start a daily blog, it just happened the day after I posted this! It was an accident, so to speak! But sure, today, I guess it was just the logical consequence! If I want to show you the real world consequences, well, then I need to post something every single day! Makes sense, doesn’t it? And in fact, the real world consequences are amazing! Really! If there is one thing you should do in life, it is this! A daily blog!

“Why should you read this?”

Again, a very good question. Growing up with a disgust about everything longer than a single page, I found myself enjoying my first book, picked on a voluntary basis years later. And there it was, I have opened a locked door to wisdom. From now on, I would no longer bypass the chamber of knowledge without having a glimpse here and there. But what do I want to tell you with that side story? I know, reading takes a lot of time and time is something really valuable in your life. Not everyone enjoys sitting around and reading artificially elongated sentences in which the author wants to show his or her expertise on a certain kind of topic. Therefore, I will not try to bore you to death with my posts, but instead entertain you in a certain way, that activates your thinking process in the way, we want it to start working.

The former concept to the 3S principle! Short, Sharp & Sexy! But have I met my expectations? My posts are sometimes really long! I know! Sorry for that! Just look at todays post! It might be one of the longest! This is definitely no light reading in between doing all of your tasks today! I totally agree! But it is important for me to reflect on myself! Therefore, the REWIND posts will not undergo the crucial 3S principle. This is heavy stuff, I know! But if you don’t want to read it, well, don’t read it! Nobody said that life would be easy! If you don’t want to suffer, if you do not want to go through hell! Well, I can not understand you, but at least I accept it!

Do you give everything you can, every single day? Well, honestly I don’t care! This is your life! Therefore, this is your decision! But please! Don’t you ever say that you can’t! Because in fact, this is a lie! You always can, the question is if you want to! Are you willing to pay the price!?

Time is valuable! Of course it is! The way you spend your time will define who you are! But this is my blog project here! What am I supposed to say? Give me 10 years and I will most likely be in a position where I can show you the fastest and most efficient way towards success? But until than, well, don’t be such a jerk and actually start to change something in your life instead of complaining about me overdoing it time and time again.

“What will this be about? What do you want to reach?”

Having defined this on the 7th of May in 2017, my current goals are really wide-ranging and this is not the right moment to introduce you to all of them, but generally speaking they can be divided into three groups. The personal/ development goals, the passionate goals and the work related goals. But this is not what you want to hear.

I will become a race car driver, an entrepreneur, an author, an engineer, a Porsche owner. I will be open minded, work as hard as possible, reflect my work, try new strategies and methods, learn new languages, and help others when ever I can.

Sounds like I already tick some of these boxes already! It’s fascinating to see, but the law of attraction really works! Looking at all those things, I guess I made a pretty good job so far! I was sitting in a race car in the formula student, write on my own book and work myself into the depths of the entrepreneurial basics. Oh and then there is this blog project here, of course!

This is what we will talk about!

Motorsport, entrepreneurship, improve your life, how to reach goals, how to motivate yourself, how to keep track of your tasks, how to deal with problems, how to solve problems, how to find support, how to help others, how to gain knowledge, how to set goals, how to meditate, what you should read, what you should listen to, the truth about life secrets, overcome obstacles, a lessons learned for a better future, and much more, until we finally will try to solve the ultimate problem on earth: How to become happy.

I have nothing to add! I nailed this paragraph! This is exactly what I have been doing in the last 473 days! And what I will continue to do until the very end of my life somewhere down the road in the future!

If you are interested in one or all of these things, I guess you will have a great time and can actually learn something for your own life. And if you are not, feel free to get passionate about it and join our community.

Always stay openminded, you know! It will be worth the time commitment! In life, everything seems to be connected! It doesn’t really matter which topic you may pick, you will always find parallels to other fields and topics. Therefore the goal is not primarily focused on just looking at this one particular thing here on the blog, but instead open up our minds and having a look at the big picture we call life as well!

“How is this blog thing working from now on?”

Being a normal human being just like you are, my days are pretty packed. Therefore I can not and will not implement a regular posting date into my schedule. I will write something whenever I will plan for doing so. Having never actually written a blog post, I will try certain kind of blog styles to figure out the best way to give you the information you need, without getting my time schedule over the limit.

Ha! Ok! Maybe I am not a normal human being! I agree! I am definitely not the average guy! I know! But come on! Leave me alone! I was young and inexperienced! How should I have known how great daily blogging really is? Sure, I could have already guessed that I will most likely write every single day from now on, but as always in life! When it’s over we know exactly what we should have done differently in the past!

Starting with “A” like “Anfang” (beginning)?

Unfortunately, I am not standing at the beginning of my journey, therefore we will jump between different time periods quite a lot. But do not make the mistake to see this as a disadvantage! Because the game called life is not working in a straight line. There is no set start and finish, there are no rules or what ever, therefore jumping between project phases is the best thing you can actually do to improve your work by challenging your doings every day.

I still agree with that! There is definitely no right or wrong in life. Every way and decision you chose will eventually lead you somewhere in life! Maybe to the place called success, maybe to the place called failure! But if you are never giving up seeking for an improvement in your life! Well! Success will become just a matter of time! If I had quit this project just because nobody was reading my blog, well, I wouldn’t be the person that I am today! In your life, you are the most important figure! Sure, don’t forget about others, bla bla bla! But at the end of the day there will be only one simple question you need to answer! Are you satisfied with your life? Do you look back with a smile on your face, knowing that you have tried everything you could in order to do what you always wanted to do? Or will you look back with tears running down your cheek, realizing with the most regret, that you did not had the balls to follow your dreams and goals in life and did not reach for the stars?

This blog project here, however funny this might sound, is exclusively made for me! It contains 100% of the topics I like, it describes techniques and strategies I use, it tells the stories about me and other people which I want to hear as well! Sure, good for me! I have created the perfect blog for myself! But the question is of course, is this thing something for you as well? Do you learn as much as I do? Or is the effect only in the actual process of writing and thinking about this stuff?

If you will have a closer look at this project in front of your eyes, it is written in such a way, that it stimulates my brain! Every single day in the last 473 days, I have took some time, set down with my computer and analyzed my life, my progress, the way I spend my time! And God, have I improved!

Honestly! The road to success is just that, a road! A journey! You just start walking one sunny morning and well, in case you do not stop, you will reach the top of everything you can imagine to do, this time around in life.

“Can I grab another beer now, or do you still have something to say?”

What? He is also a comedian? Ok, maybe not! But at that time I thought it would be funny!

Of course I have! But I will try to make it short. When a race car engineer needs to set up a car for the next big race, feedback is the most important thing he needs to be able to do his job properly. Keeping this in mind, I need this kind of feedback loop as well. Therefore, I am inviting you to get in contact with me and give me feedback to what I am doing.

The biggest disappointment ever! Honestly! What the hell! In my mind, I was so afraid about bad comments, about people that would want to destroy me right on the spot! But I could have never imagined that there will be just zero feedback for the first half year anyways! Can you believe this!? In a modern world where everyone seems to complain about everything all the time! Nobody was complaining about me! No comments on my bad blog writing style, no comments on my writing mistakes, just nothing! But well, it changed eventually over time!

Lessons learned: People are too self-absorbed to see the whole picture!

See you next time!

And here it is! The “SEE YOU NEXT TIME!” statement! Of course I was just using this by accident! But well, nowadays it has become an integral part of my daily writing routine!

As you can see, there is not much to improve upon! From my personal perspective, the post is still describing my project in a very accurate and easy to understand way. Sure, it’s a bit long, but come on! Don’t complain all the time!

And with that said, it’s time to end todays post! Thank God! We did it, in case you are still with me! When thinking back to this very day 473 days ago, I haven’t imagined how huge this project will become one day. I was just taking the first step! One single step! One single decision that indeed, changed my life. Therefore, what are you waiting for! It is really that easy! Just take this one single step and start your own project! Come on! If I can do it, you can do it as well!

See you next time!

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