#474 Passion, Motivation & Mindset – S3 E1 – Ready for take off?

I have never even sat in one of those gigantic monsters of the sky! The Boeing 747 or the Airbus A380. The elephants under the airplanes.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

That these things can even fly! Incredible, right? How can a plane with the weight of around 93 elephants rise up into the sky so effortlessly and safely land somewhere else a couple of hours later!? Isn’t that astounding?

For sure, from an engineering point of view it makes just sense that the thing is flying. I mean come on! It has the aero, it has the thrust! Why shouldn’t it fly? Of course it flies!

But with our own projects? How is that going so far? Are you ready for the take off? Or are you still sitting in the hangar, going through the checklist another thousand times?

Having 868 people on board, well, you better go through the checklist another time! I agree with that! But come on! In your life, there are not 868 peoples lives on the line! It may not even be your own one!

When looking in this world today, everything huge out there was just starting pretty small! From Amazon to Facebook, Google & Co. From car manufacturers like Porsche to the apple brand. All of those mega complex company structures have their origin probably in a very simple idea of a single person. One single thought! A vision! An attempt to make this world a better place. Or, as the alternative, to make at least a lot of money!

Whatever kind of an idea you are currently having in mind! Well, who knows, maybe you are the very next Bill Gates or Elon Musk! You definitely have the potential for changing this world! Because in fact, we all have that! Every single day we get up and have another chance to start all over again! To challenge the status quo and revolutionize the market!

Sure, maybe your current idea is not the best, but don’t worry! The right one will show up eventually! Just keep on going and you will get there!

Everything is possible!

Sure! But that doesn’t mean that everything is possible for each and everyone at the very same time! You can hardly become an astronaut flying to the Mars and the next president of the United States. And sure, only one can become the next president! Maybe you can take one challenge at a time, but even that sounds already quite exhausting. I guess in the end, you will most likely need to decide. Either the spaceship thing, or the Oval Office. But both? Well, it would at least be a really tough challenge!

In this life, you can become whatever you want to become! But and this is really important to understand! It will not just miraculously come into your life from one day to the other. You will not wake up one day and have the golden idea inside your little brain!

You do not build an airplane with the equivalent weight of 93 elephants on a piece of paper in 10 minutes before having lunch, build it the very next day and watch as it will take off right at the first attempt.

Building an airplane is a process! A long process! And so is life!

Are you ready for the take off? To finally reach for the stars? To take the next step and start off into a better future?

Passion, Motivation & Mindset is intended as an inspirational over boost function on your computer, smartphone or wherever you are reading this! It represents a platform where you will get inspired to keep on pushing through until the very end! To make today count! To become a little bit better today, than you were yesterday!

With todays start of the SEASON 3, I guess we are ready to shift up into the next gear! To finally lift off into the sky and reach for the stars!

Photo by Max Walter on Pexels.com


Three words that changed my life! Can you imagine what they will make with yours!?

See you next time!

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