#475 Project W (Double you) – S3 E10 – LIVING IN THE MOTIVATIONAL OVERBOOST!

We all know these days when we should have better stayed in bed. The weather is horrible, the traffic to work a nightmare and nothing seems to work as planned! Problems here, stress there! Honestly, those days suck!

But is life really supposed to be like this? Why can’t every single day be the most awesome day ever?

At least in my life, having a bad day is something that just doesn’t occur! Or to state it out correctly, not anymore!

I just blend it out! Look away! Overwrite the script of the day with something better. Something I like! Something I enjoy!

Awareness, this might be the key word here!

Sure, the traffic to work was horrible. But isn’t it horrible every day? Isn’t it just normal to like that? Idiots that do not even know the rules! Of course! That is just a part about life! Sure, you can complain about that! Yelling in your car like a monkey on cocaine! But will this change anything? Will they drive better from now on? I highly doubt that!

Life goes on! The idiots go on! You must go on!

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In the last two weeks I have been experimenting with something I will refer to as the “MOTIVATIONAL OVERBOOST“.

The idea, pretty damn simple. Someone may just blend out everything about life that seems to be off and instead consumes as much motivation as possible! From the first moment you wake up in the morning, to the last thing you do before falling asleep!

I get up at 5:40 am with a smile on my face. I look at the PORSCHE 911 TUBRO hanging on the wall and tell myself! “One day closer to the PORSCHE”. And after that, Spotify is leading the way. Until arriving at work at around 6:30 am, I have already listened to 45 minutes of inspirational Podcast episodes, audiobooks or seminars. The traffic to work? I can not even tell! I have other things in mind! Reaching for the stars! Improving my life.

And at work, well, I have the greatest time ever! I work on my master thesis, laser focused for 7 hours straight. And honestly, I am really getting into the zone these days, this is unbelievable! And once the clock strikes 1 or 2 or maybe even 3 pm, I am heading home. The motivation right there in my ears again, guiding me safely home

Until that, I haven’t eaten a single thing since yesterday, by the way. Hunger? I do not even experience hunger in the mornings anymore! And sure, I am so focused, even if I plan on eating something, I would most likely push through until the end and forget about eating anyways.

At home, I eat for the first time of the day, while watching the best YouTube videos about cars that have been ever produced! Why? Because I can! And next in line? Of course my blog! And I write and write and write! Sure, that is what a blogger is supposed to do. But don’t forget, I have been writing for 7 hours straight at work already. Normally, I would need a break. But these days? No! I just want to do it! I grab my MacBook Pro and off we go! Blasting out one, two, sometimes even three blog posts straight!

Ok, but now we are done for the day? Not quite so! Next in line, the racing simulator. Favorite podcast on and off we go! Two hours Nordschleife! Easily done! But now the day is finally over, right? You forgot about sport? And off we go again! Next hold, the home gym! At least an hour of training before taking a shower! And of course, a motivational seminar playing in the background. Now a shower and eating? Yes, Sir! And here come the YouTube videos again!

Sounds like a pretty good day! We are nearly finished! Just the daily meditation practice is left on the to do list. The guided meditation, easily done! Cleaning my teeth, shaving, listening to the seminars again! Putting my phone into sleep, killing the wifi on the iPad and listening to the last couple of minutes of the seminar before falling asleep.

And the very next day? I do the same thing again! And again! And again!

Sure, nothing new! I have been doing this for pretty much the last two years! But, and this is the important thing about this post!

Never ever in the history of my little life, I have experienced such a motivational overboots! I can just go on! This isn’t normal anymore! Sure, we all have these phases where we feel just great for a couple of days or even a single week! But the moment we overpace, normally we fall back down on earth into a really deep motivational valley, so to speak! But this doesn’t seem to be the case! I can just go on and on and on!

I wake up with a smile, I go to bed with a smile!

What an awesome experience! Let’s see how long it will take until the system might start to fall apart. I will keep you updated, I promise!

See you next time!

P.S.: For all of those who made it till the end. This is what you should listen to.

The Tim Ferriss Podcast Show with “Seth Godin“(#138, #177), “Jocko Willink“(#107, #187) and “David Heinemeier Hansson” (#195) Available on YouTube, Spotify and basically everywhere else.

Kurt Tepperwein (for Germans and people who can understand German) The Long-Seminar-Classics

And last but not least, everything that does personally motivate you! I am into cars, therefore this motivates me! But you? You might need something else! But that is not a problem! There are a lot of things out there, just waiting for you to get absorbed!

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