#559 Project W (Double you) – S3 E14 – THE UPDATE ON – Living in the motivational overboost

As promised 84 days ago, today you will get the update regarding the topic of “LIVING IN THE MOTIVATIONAL OVERBOOST“.

For those of you that do not read my blog posts every single day, how dare you are! You should read them! HAHA! Just kidding, of course. For you guys, I will just summarize the topic real quick.

Feeling floppy, tired, lazy, burned out? I literally had to look those words up in the internet, because honestly I do not experience this any longer! I am over that, or at least claim to be! I just live in the motivational overboost! Every single day! No matter what!

But what does it even mean? It means that I am not living into my days, deciding spontaneously on the spot what I want to do next. Instead, I wake up with a definite goal in mind! I wake up and do the things I am supposed to do in order to move on in life. But after that, I don’t eve dare to stop. I just go on and on and on! How? Am I on drugs? It basically must look like this from the outside, but no, I am not! No drugs! At least no illegal ones! My drug is called motivation. I have found a sheer endless source for motivation! And well, after finding it, I am about to use it every single day until the rest of my life.

The motivational overboost theory is quite simple. You figure out what motivates you, use it and profit from the motivational boost every single day. Sounds good? Maybe even too good? Hell yes it does! But there comes a problem! The thing that has motivated you today might not be that effective tomorrow! And indeed, it is not! We all know this phenomenon. We hear this most awesome song in the radio and it’s just so brilliant! We can’t stop humming to the beat! But after hearing it 10 times in a row, it loses its magic. It becomes less energetic, less motivational. And well, that’s basically happening with everything else in life as well. We tend to lose the interest, the fascination, or maybe even worse, are already familiar with the outcome. #TITANIC

But there is this little trick you can use! It is called time! Over time we tend to forget. Our wounds are said to heal. Even our broken hearts seem to miraculously forget about those disastrous moments, when our meanwhile former partners had split up with us in the hardest and most extreme way possible!

I guess, it’s just naturally to forget. To move on! But the same is true for the motivational side of life. You can watch a movie every single year. Of course you know the outcome! Of course you know every single minute of the movie, but still, you seem to enjoy it! But only, if you do not watch it every day! I mean, you can try it! Take your most favorite movie and watch it every single day for the next 2 month. You will hate it! Therefore, the key to the motivational overboost is not primarily to know what motivates you, but the way how to schedule them into your days! When should you consume it, or listen to it, read it? How long should you wait until getting back to the very thing again? Have you even enough things to motivate you through out the whole year?

For me personally, I am still surfing the big waves these days! But I got lucky! My eye problem seems to help me a lot. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!“, sure! But once you have an issue like I have, your awareness seems to change. Before, doing my daily blog post was just a task. Today it is a gift! Sounds overdramatic? Sounds like too much over the top? The secret is not to do what others think is the right thing to do, but instead to find the perfect way for you to motivate yourself. And if overdramatizing things is helping you, well, why not doing it then?

Photo by Leon Ardho on Pexels.com

From the gym effect, to public statements. From committing to something and invest a fair amount of money, to using the right tools at the right time. There are millions of ways how to motivate yourself. But if you do it the right way, you do not actually motivate yourself any longer. It’s just an unconscious thing you will do automatically! It’s like brushing my teeth. It has become an automation. A habit. I have internalized the process. I got used to it! And now I can use this to my big advantage every single day! And well, what I fool I would be, if not using it!

Some people might think that this is not possible! And indeed, if they think it is not possible, it will be not possible for them! But the secret is to do not think! To do not ask yourself if this is possible or not! The moment you believe in yourself, something changes within you. You will have a different perspective! You will have a different mindset! And with this, things will change! Not primarily on the outside, but on the inside.

You pick one situation and ask 100 people what they make out of it! If you are lucky, you will get described 100 different situations! It’s not what is going on that’s different, it’s the way you perceive the situations and what you make out of it.

There comes a virus your way? Locking down your country. Well, while some started to prep for the Third World War, others used the moment, thought about it, and came up with a solution how to keep on going even though that life seems to be different these days.

There is this statement, that always motivated me. Claiming that you do not need to be the most clever person in the room, but the hardest working. Well, sounds good! But what about:

You do not need to be the hardest working person in the room, as long as you will be the most clever working person!

Living in the motivational overboost is possible! I am the living proof for that! But it comes with a price! You need to get used to it first and cannot give up at any point of your journey.

But the big question is of course, will it work for you as well? Can you also implement this strategy into your every day life and change it forever? Well, I guess I need to explain it further, right? What do you say? Sounds interesting? What kind of questions do you have? Please let me know and I can try my best to help you! Until then!

See you next time!

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