#481 Life Coaching – S1 E8 – Who am I?

Do you know who you are? Sounds funny right! Of course you know who you are! You know your name, your age, the place where you live. But of course this is not what I am talking about!


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What defines you? What does it take to be like you? Imagine you can’t go to work tomorrow, but your look alike clone will go for you! What do you need to tell this clone in order that it can represent you perfectly at work?

In this life, people seek for a higher truth! But most of the truths seekers make the common mistake to look for the truth in the outside world. They believe that the solution is out there, somewhere just around the very next corner. When in fact, the truths is rather somewhere deep inside of us already.

Who am I?

A question, that each and everyone of us should be able to answer! All those years you have spend with yourself so far, has that brought you any closer to yourself?

Looking at my own life so far, I tend to do not even know who I am. Sure, I know what I do! I know what I did! But that is not really telling us anything about me as a person!

Each and everyone of us might be unique! Unique in the way we look, we think, we perceive our surrounding environment. But without actually knowing who you are? How are you supposed to find a way out of all of this?

Instead of trying to solve your problems in the outside world, you should rather start with the inside. Do you know who you are? Do you know why you do what you do? Do you know why you are like you are? Do you understand what is going on in your mind every time you think, speak, or do something? When you feel good or bad, energetic or tired?

It doesn’t matter where you want to go and what you are planning on doing. The only thing that will really follow you everywhere is yourself. From the job interview next week to the date in the park.

Even if your date is not showing up! “You never walk alone!” so to speak! And in fact, you are never alone! You are always with yourself! And sure, after spending so much time with yourself, why don’t you try to understand this person in the back of your head a little bit better?

The secrets about life might be difficult to understand, but getting to know yourself is a good start, don’t you agree?

See you next time!

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