#482 Writing – S1 E6 – When time is limited

Writing takes time! In fact, a lot of time! You sit there all day long, trying to make sense out of your thoughts. Sure, the moment we are really in the flow, writing might be the easiest of things in the world! But honestly, how often are we in the flow exactly? Forgetting about the time and just being in the present moment? HA!

In our everyday lives, the world doesn’t seem to stop turning, not even for a little while. Life just goes on! And on and on! Everything seems to be connected with everything! You get a thousand messages a day. A phone call here, a text message there. Sure, not that big of a deal, right!? This is just what we do!

But wait a moment! WHAT!? What is going on here! Are you crazy!? You can’t just do all of these things at the same time! This is hardly even possible! How are you supposed to do anything, if you do not even have an hour or two to dive deep down into your current task at hand?

I have seen this at work all the time. Sure, people go to work and try their best every single day! But no wonder they can not reach their goals, they hardly have even twenty minutes of undisturbed silence a day. The phone is ringing, a colleague is asking something, an E-mail comes in. Just the daily situation at work, you might know what I am talking about!

Photo by Andrey Grushnikov on Pexels.com

But this is just how work seems to be these days! How are we supposed to change anything about it? You can’t just switch off your phone, ignore the calls from the customer, or ignore your colleagues!

Sure, life seems to be that way! But this doesn’t mean that we need to accept that!

When time is limited, the real character of a person can be seen! Sure, working under pressure! Everyone has felt that already! But what about your average day at work? How often do you have at least an hour in which nobody is bothering you? No phone calls, no meetings, no emails, just you and one single task at hand?

Exactly, and that’s the reason why we all need to change that! Either you have already figured out a way how to block out some of your valuable time, or you have not. But at least you should consider doing this!

I for example start really early on in the morning. Sure, I don’t need to do this, but it makes just so much sense! I am the first person in the office in the morning, switch on the light and have at least half an hour for myself without anybody else in the building. With that first work session already done, it gets just better from that! But of course, I understand! Not everyone of us has just that one big project to get over with. You might experience a lot of different problems and things going on all day long! So, what do we do in situations like that?

  • Block some of your time in the calendar for yourself. (At least an hour, if not more!)
  • Do the right stuff at the right time. (In the morning your concentration might be much better than in the afternoon, figure out when you are the most productive)
  • Don’t hesitate to tell others that you do not want to get disturbed for the next hour or so.
  • If it’s really loud in your office, start to experiment with listening to music while doing the really difficult tasks.
  • Get a break and relax for a couple of minutes in between doing stuff.
  • Don’t start talking with your colleagues if there is something you need to finish in time

When time is limited, you need to have the right plan! You need to think the whole damn process through and find the best compromise. Good luck with that!

See you next time!

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