#490 CAR LEASING?! – *TOPIC WEEK 12* – DAY 5 – Do we have a deal?

In the last four days, I tried to dive deep down into the world of car leasing. My goal was to summarize the most important things you need to know about leasing a car. Have I met my own expectations? I don’t think so. Why? Because there are so many more things to consider, to be careful with, to have somewhere in the back of our minds. But at least it helped me personally quite a lot to take a decision.

My next car will be a leasing car!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Why? Because it makes just sense for my current situation. Having not yet started to apply for a job for the time after finishing my masters degree in engineering, I just do not want to buy a used car for 30-40 k. Honestly, this would be stupid! Considering the facts that sport oriented cars in that price range are not considerable cheap in their maintenance and running costs, it would just be a disaster to own such a car at this point in my life.

Ok, sure! Don’t buy a car for 40k. But what about a very cheap one? A six years old Golf for example? Well, I had a pretty old car already and therefore know exactly that this isn’t the best of options for my personal situation either. Sure, it sounds like a very cheap alternative, but in the end, will just cost more money than you think, at least if you enjoy to drive in the way I do. And sure, if this car breaks down tomorrow like my old one, I would be fuxxed again!

After looking at the numbers and calculating the different offers I got from the dealerships, I found something that makes using a car for the next three years actually pretty much affordable. Sure, it will cost me a little bit more more than driving an inexpensive 2k car again, but actually not that much more money.

Therefore, I decided to give myself a little present for enduring the mechanical engineering studies in the last years and getting a leasing car. It will be a plug-in hybrid, which does not only allow me to drive most of my short distance journeys electrically, but also helps to reduce the amount of fuel the car consumes in general.

Honestly, such a car is the right thing for a statistic nerd like me! Driving becomes more like a game how to save as much energy as possible. That’s what I like, that’s what I want. But sure, don’t get me wrong on the environmental side of things! I am not saying that this is more environmental friendly than a normal car! I still love driving fast, I still love loud cars and I will still own a lot of them in the future. But for the moment, it makes just sense to get one of those hybrid cars. With the government subsidizing this with 4.500€ and the manufacturer with a lot of money as well, this makes just sense to get one of those right now.

And in the end, a hybrid doesn’t need to be slow as well. You can also add the two different energy sources together and let them support you in accelerating the car.

Having driven two types of hybrid cars in the past already, the BMW i8 and the VW Golf 7 GTE, I know exactly what the advantages and disadvantages are. Sure, others claim that they want to rescue the environment and stuff like this. But well, in the next three years I will having the car, it will rather destroy the environment than anything else.

The sad thing about the story? I will not, for the first time in seven years have a car for a longer period of time. The car will get produced around February next year. But sure, with the current lockdown attempts, its not that much of a problem anyways. It will just make the experience of getting the car in February so much better.

And that’s it for this weeks topic week! More details about the car coming soon!

See you next time!

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