#491 Being sick in COVID-19 times

With a slight sensation of a sore throat, I was going to bed on Monday evening. “Oh no! Please! Don’t! This can’t be possible! I was so careful!”

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Waking up with the very sensation in my throat. But this time with more intense, I stayed of course at home and contacted my company and doctor. Sure, the company has no problem with me working from home, that was clear already! But what about the doctor? What will he say?


The doctor says that “you most likely do not have it“. The symptoms are too weak, just get yourself in quarantine for the next three days and see what is going to happen. If it gets better, you don’t need a test. If it gets worse, you can do the test in three days anyways.

Sounds like a plan? Well, I understand the arguments the doctor expressed! Sure, it makes just sense. If everybody is going to the test, just because they think that they are a little bit sick, it would take weeks to get any results. Weeks, in which people that actually have the virus could already lower their contacts with other people and stuff like that! Sure, I totally agree with that! We can’t test anybody! At least not at the same time!

But what if I have it? What if I will spread the thing next week when going back to work?

Sure, if your doctor tells you that he will not test you, you just accept that fact and move on in life. You tell your company the current status and the doctors opinion and ask if you can go back to work next week without having a test. Get the answer that you can, and everything is fine!

Well, is it?

It’s Tuesday evening, the situation gets a bit worse. The scratching in your throat intensifies, you start to worry. With which people did I had contact with? Who might infected me? Was it this person in that situation? Or that person in the other situation? Could I have avoided meeting them? Have I infected other people already? Will I get healthy very soon? Or do I even need to go to the hospital?!

It’s crazy how fast your mind goes that way! You start to worry! You start to develop a sensation for FEAR! “A cough.” Oh dear! This is your end!

You experience fear! Fear for loosing your life? Not necessarily, but rather a fear for the unknown. Are you infected? Have you infected other people? Was your behavior in the last two weeks ok? Situations come to mind. Incidents come to mind. You could have done this better. Or behave differently in that very situation last Sunday.

And what do you do? You start to worry! You focus on the negativity of the situation!

How to get out of there? If you know some tricks, you can start working on this instantly! You listen to the right people, saying the right stuff about health and getting back into the balance. Youtube, Spotify and Co. is full of that! And sure! Your mindset starts to turn into the opposite direction again! Everything will be fine! You are just a little bit sick! Don’t worry!

But, as we all know. We can not be sure! We just don’t know if we have it or not. And this uncertainty will always have the potential to flip your mind around! What if you really have it? You shouldn’t go to work next week! You shouldn’t do this. You shouldn’t do that.

And so, you just need to know!

You get out of bed, grab your phone and book your appointment for the test on the very next day. You answer some questions, done in two minutes. The appointment is booked. You register the test at the laboratories website. It takes only two minutes as well. Done! You get an email with your booked appointment and another one with the QR-Code from the laboratory.

As easy as that!

On the next day, you drive to the location. Get in line. Show the first dude your booked appointment and the QR-Code for the test registration. Drive to the next guy that scans your code. He gives you the test equipment. You drive to the next dude, give him the stuff. He opens it, makes the test. Seals the thing and that’s it. You can drive home again.

I waited 10-15 minutes. Perfectly organized. Well done guys!

You are waiting for your test. But things got better anyways. You start to doubt the likelihood of actually having COVID-19. The result comes in around 24h later. It’s negative. You don’t have it. And your mind says. “Of course you don’t have it! I knew it all the time!”

Well, in this case, thank you mind! Fuck off!

Now you know it for sure! You can stop to speculate! You can end your quarantine and go back to your everyday life?! No! Actually not! This situation. It changes you! It makes you realize how little we can do against a situation like we currently have.

The only thing that really matters in life is good health. You can have millions of dollars in your bank accounts. But in the end, the virus doesn’t ask how much money you have! And sure, you can’t take it with you anyways.

Lessons learned: My mind is not in control! I experienced fear. I experienced worries. I couldn’t keep a positive mindset all the time.

This current crisis should be a lesson to all of us. In our everyday lives, we tend to forget about the really important things in life. We need to tell ourself:

“Don’t just focus on yourself all the time, idiot! Think about others as well and try to make this world a better place. What can you do today, that will help other people in this current situation?”

Nobody expects from you to support other people with your hard earned money! But maybe you can offer something else? Share your knowledge? Support people in need? Order food from the local restaurant that needs to close due to the current COVID-19 lockdown rules? Even if it seems to be such a little step for you, it can mean the world for someone else.

Keep save! Stay healthy!

See you next time!

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