#493 Racing is life – S4 E13 – The Road into Motorsport – Dealing with Fear

Motorsport is dangerous! Of course it is! But this is not the only fear you will encounter while chasing after your dreams.

When trying to follow your passion, for the most of us this doesn’t come naturally. We tend to do not wake up in the morning believing that everything is possible. We rather get up with a soft underbelly, telling us that today might not be the perfect time to go all in with everything we got.

Photo by Lucas Pezeta on Pexels.com

But where does that come from? That FEAR?

Four simple letters that stand in our way. Do you experience fear in your life? Would you say that fear is a part of you? Whatever answer you will come up with. Fear is just a part of life. It makes us survive. It prevents us from getting into trouble. Sure, a healthy approach towards fear might be something good! We can agree with that! But not in all cases, right?

We want to follow our passion! We want to go racing! Of course we want! But honestly. What is holding you back? A lack of money? A lack of motivation? Or is it pure fear? The fear against the criticism that will stand in your way? The fear of not being good enough?

In order to achieve great things in life, the fear must go away! You need to be able to control it! Nobody said that you can’t be afraid of something. Nobody said that you need become hard as stone! Having fear is still something you may need in order to take the right decisions in life. But nevertheless, you should be controlling your fear and not the other way around.

If you do not think that dealing with fear is a huge thing for you. Well, it seems like you have not yet stepped outside your comfort zone very far. Because out there, honestly, this feels like war.

But how do we deal with fear? What should we do, once we want to win the battle against fear?

Dealing with fear is something you can not learn in a simple online blog post. This is something bigger than that! Something that may requires years of training. Time in which you find out who you really are and what your personal fear actually wants to tell you.

Being in balance with our own bodies, sure, that’s something we do not only know from watching Jackie Chan Hollywood movies. But honestly, are we really in control of ourself?

Analyze your fears, figure out why you have them and get used to it in small doses. Step by step, day by day, situation by situation.

Fear is something we can overcome. No! Something that we need to overcome! Fear has it’s place in this thing we call life, sure! But only to a certain extent! Don’t allow anything to hold you back! You are on a mission my friend! Just keep on going!

See you next time!

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