#494 Meditation 4.0 – S3 E8 – Finishing with thoughts

Think less, not more. Think about nothing. Just for a while.

When it comes to the topic of meditating, having no thoughts was never the actual goal. It’s the figuring out that you are thinking and letting the thoughts float away, that is so important.

After my car broke down two weeks ago, I was experiencing a kind of an inner need to finally come up with a solution. Honestly, I could feel the stress. Physically, but also mentally. I had stress, pure stress. I couldn’t sleep well, I couldn’t focus on other things. There was just this obstacle standing right in my way, demanding to get solved before I could go back to my normal every day life.

But what does that say about my current meditation skills? That I can not calm my nerves once the earth breaks loose? That I lose my focus too quickly and can not keep it cool under pressure?

Practicing my meditation skills under those circumstances was in fact ten times more effective than everything else I normally experience. Of course it was! Once you really have some issues that you need to solve, your calmness and positivity is on the line.

Photo by Francesca Zama on Pexels.com

Can you keep a cool head? Even in the midst of the storm?

The funny thing about the situation? Once I took my final decision! All the stress was gone! Just like that! “Please snap once with your fingers!” Gone from one second to the other. Sure! Of course it was gone! But this led me to an idea!

Finishing with thoughts

We all know the moments in life, when we are thinking about the same stupid questions day in and day out. Which Porsche should I buy? Where should I apply for a job? Do I need a dating app or will I find my partner somewhere else? The list of those kind of questions might be long. But all of these questions have one thing in common, we can hardly find a solution right on the spot. This car looks good, but the other one as well. Sure, I like to work in this special field. But well, the other one sounds great also! Oh man, what should I do?

Finishing with thoughts is a new strategy I will try to implement into my every day life. Instead of thinking about the same stuff all over again and again and again. I will just take a decision once! I will define the Porsche I want and that’s it! Problem solved. I can move on! I don’t need to think about this any longer!

I will just free my mind from all of these worries and questions I have inside my head. Making room for something else!? Hopefully not! But I can make some room for myself. Too often I catch myself thinking in endless loops about basically the very same thing. But why? This is just a waste of time, isn’t it?

Set it and forget it!

There is no need to think about these things all the time in life. There are too many variables anyways! And honestly, you shouldn’t even have the time for thinking about this! Just live your life and answer these God damn questions once and for all. Move on! Your time is too valuable for wasting it with unimportant thoughts.

See you next time!

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