#495 Passion, Motivation & Minset – S3 E2 – Is a difficult start really necessary?

When looking into the history books or checking some biographies of the most successful people on earth, we can see one trend more than any other. The more difficult their start, the better the outcome on the other side. Pick whoever you want and try it yourself! You will be surprised!

The more difficult the start, the better the outcome!

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But why is this always case? Or is this always the case? Where is the connection? And what can a person do, that did not had a bad start after all? Are those people doomed to fail in life? Have they no chance to succeed? Statistics are overrated anyways, right?

Thinking about my own experience, the concept behind this early struggling in life might be pretty easy to understand.

The one that struggles in life gets a better understanding for what is really going on in this game we call life.

They see the world literally with different eyes. Come on, just look at my life. I get up every single morning with a completely different mindset than “normal” people. I notice things in life, others wouldn’t even notice after telling them. The average human being might be so absorbed by unimportant things in life, that they can not see through the fog and behind the concept everything in life is build upon. For them, life means something completely different. They define words like success, happiness or fear completely different.

They do not see what others see. They do not see what we see.

But come on, this is just a skill you learned! Everyone can have this perspective on this world, if they want to. I completely agree! Sometimes, a second glimpse is everything it takes.

Since the early day of my existent, I always suffered quite a lot. Sure, I suffered because I decided to. But nevertheless, this has definitely changed me! Right, at the beginning I did not even notice that this isn’t normal. I just thought that life is supposed to be like this! I thought that everybody felt like this! Well, only later I figured out that this was a false conclusion. I might be pretty much the only one in my direct surrounding. The others, they do not seem to have the same things in mind. They do not struggle with the things I struggle with. They do not notice what I notice. They just live. Do something. Something they always did. Or their parents did. They do not even question their doing. For them, life seems to be pretty simple. But I, well, I just see a lot of problems everywhere. For me, even the most simple of tasks seems to become quite a challenge. I feel a lot of stress, anxiety and nervousness all the time. I think too much. I question existing concepts. I doubt life strategies. I question my own believe system on a regular basis.

Sure, sounds a bit frustrating, doesn’t it? Well, actually, having these problems in life is something great! Why? Because you live on a different level. Every single day is a new chance to make something different!

I sit here in the darkness, writing this thing and feeling what exactly? Currently, I do not feel anything. But just give me a second and the struggling will be back in the midst of my mind. Is this blog project a success? Where is this thing leading me towards in the future? Do you enjoy what I am doing? Do you learn as much as I do? Should I continue this project? How can I make money with this? I should write better posts! I shouldn’t talk so much about unimportant stuff, right?

In the last six years, I suffered quite a lot. But why do I still move on? Why do I go through hell every single day?

Because I think that I know why I am doing this. Honestly, there has not been a single day in the last three and a half years in which I did not got up with a definite goal in mind. In my life, I am only chasing after my dreams. And nobody can stop me. Not you, not you, not you and not you! Not even I can stop myself. I put myself into these very uncomfortable situation once, well, and now I need to deal with it! I increase the pressure on myself! I commit to the crazy things I have in mind. But why? Why doing all of this?

Because of this internal drive I have developed over time? Exactly! But does that really come from suffering? The longer I think about this question, the harder it gets to actually figure out the correct answer! I can of course remember the first time I experienced this inner drive. Back in the days when I was overweight.

Discipline, a hard working attitude towards life, enduring tough situations? All of these things just come naturally to me!

Being a kid I was overweight. I had a writing disability. I was never the cool kid on the block. Always somewhere in the background. I was shy as hell. Not following any trends and stuff like this. Sure, back in the old days, I would have loved to be the cool kid. At least for one single day! Being the guy, everybody is showing up to. But well, today I know that this is just not who I am. Today I am grateful for the childhood I had, the struggling, the problems, the difficulties. Really, this was just awesome! There were no expectations. Nothing that I needed to do. I was just accepted as I was.

The goal in life? Well, that’s already the problem! We just don’t know! Sure, you might think that you know what life is all about. But do you really know?! Do you have any proof? Have I found to myself? No! Definitely not! But I am on my way!

Do I think that people need a difficult start in life in order to succeed?

Well, having kind of a difficult start, I would say yes! Without all of these situations, well, I wouldn’t be the person that I am today. I would just walk through life, blinded by the fog our society spreads all over the place.

But, there is hope for even the coolest kid in town. We all kind of struggling with something. Sure, some more than others. But in the end, we all suffer. Therefore, if your current situation in life is not really satisfying your mind, use this momentum and develop an inner drive that will keep you pushing through. As easy as that!

It’s not important how bad someones start into life really was. The question is just, if you are satisfied with the current outcome. Sure, there are a lot of people out there that had a really tough childhood, but also a miserable life after that. Therefore, struggling a lot is of course no guarantee for having success. But at least, it is a good source for motivation.

See you next time!

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