#496 Project W (Double you) – S3 E11 – Mind, set, Go!

What sounds like a very bad play on words is exactly that! A really bad play on words.


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Really!? Is that even necessary? Can’t you talk about this topic without doing these very bad jokes?

What?! You don’t like it! AHHHH, whatever! LEAVE ME ALONE! šŸ˜­

Nobody likes my bad jokes… Maybe I am too funny for this world? Ahhh, well, no! I don’t think so! But anyways! I will just do anything possible in order to make this more memorable for you!


In life, we do not follow these three words, right? We have something in mind, well, and then we just do it! Our mind wants a car, we go to the dealership and get one. Our mind wants a partner for life, we go on tinder and well, we all know how that story ends.

But wait! What if there is one step in between? What if we are all playing this game wrong all the time?


You have something in mind, you set the right mindset, and only then you start walking! I know, it might do not come naturally to you, but you should consider having this middle part in life as well.

The mindset is something we tend to underestimate. Sometimes even completely forget about! Our mind tells us that we want something. Well, and then? We just go and get it! But well, sometimes these decisions are not the best ones in the world. We tend to regret haven’t thought about this for a bit longer. We start to wonder if this was in fact such a clever idea after all. Sure, the date was hot. But I am just not ready for a real “relationship” at the moment. My mindset wasn’t there!

The next time your mind tells you to get something, try to hold on to this for a second! Don’t just run off and get it right in the moment. Slow things down. Set your mindset right and figure out what you really want.

Then, and only then you can head outside, chasing after your dreams and goals.

See you next time!

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