#505 Behind the blog – S1 E9 – Mindset

Writing a daily blog in the 21st century? Isn’t that a bit outdated? I mean, come on! Who is supposed to read all of this? What people want are videos, pictures and stuff like this. But what can you offer? Some words put together to a sentence?

“WOW! Honestly! I am impressed!”

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Being in this daily blogging game for quite a time, I have experienced the ups and downs of the business.

The days where you invest a lot of time, but no-one will ever read it anyways. And the days, where you get a lot of new followers and likes and feel like the next author of the year! Does this thing even exist? Well, whatever! The days, when you doubt the project and feel like this is not worth your time anymore! And the days where you have thousands of new ideas and visions of how to make this thing the best blog in the world!

Writing a daily blog is hard.

I do not want to romanticize anything! It’s not like I sit there on the veranda, looking into the sunset on the horizon and having a glass of red wine while listening to Verdi. Writing a daily blog is just a lot of work. Especially in the beginning when you do not have any clue about anything. Sure, bad mouths would claim that I still do not know how to do it. But come on, I am over this by now. I just do not care any longer!

But should we even care? Or isn’t it better to do your own thing anyways?

If there is one thing you really need, it is the commitment for your own project. When people go to work, sure, they can have different reasons to go there. Some need the money, others enjoy to intimidate fellow man. Whatever reason you will come up with for your blog. Time will tell how good the reason really was.

People quit, right? They stop when it gets difficult! They stop when they do not reach their goals!

But for us, quitting is not an option!

You will stick to the plan, no matter what! You will endure! You will proceed! You will go on!

Life itself is just a journey, your journey! A blog project represents a journey as well! You start somewhen and just keep on going! But there is no need to follow a certain plan! You do not need to do what all those other people are doing. You can do whatever you want! In fact, you need to do whatever you want!

Be unique in how you do it!

Don’t create another “network marketing“, “make money online” or “travel” blog. The world doesn’t need that! But what does the world need?

If you want to be a blogger, you need to be an entrepreneur! At least you need the mindset of one. You need to think like a company owner, even though you may do not even want to make money with it.

What do your readers really want? What can you offer? What is the thing you can do the best? Questions after questions. Sure, you can just start, very much like I did and answer all those questions later on. But at least the general concept should be clear to you already.

Dealing with setbacks.

In this life, everything is possible. But what do we do once we fail? Do we quit and give up? Or do me move on? Actually using this moment for improving our project? Looking at my blog statistics, this thing grows pretty much organic. Meaning that I have a lot of long term readers that follow this journey. Maybe telling others about this, maybe not. At least it looks like they are doing so. Sure, some others click on the thing by accident. Reading something or not, deciding spontaneously if this is something for them or not.

There are days, when I ask myself why I am even doing this. When it seems like nobody cares. But then I remind myself about the reason for doing it. I get up and write the most awesome blog I have ever written! Well, and tomorrow, I will just do the same.

Recently I had a pretty much successful day on my blog, with 25 likes and 10 followers on a single day. Sure, others would laugh about that. But for me, this was pretty much amazing! This feeling you have! Well, I can go on for the next year easily with the motivation I have harvested on this very day.

If you want a blog, just start with it today! You will learn everything you need on your way! Like always in life. And honestly, it will be totally worth it! You will learn so much more than just the stuff about blog writing! You will find to yourself, you will sharpen your thoughts. You can learn a language meanwhile. The list of advantages seems to be endless.

Doing this daily blog was the best decision in my life so far!

See you next time!

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