#510 Meditation 4.0 – S3 E9 – Slow Things down

In this modern world, everything is getting faster and faster. From cars, to planes, to motorcycles. From development projects to the start up process of new companies. We hustle and hustle and hustle. But for what? Does this make any sense to you?

To gain more profit, to sell more products. Sure, looking at this thing from a companies perspective, it becomes quite obvious to us. But we are neither companies, nor machines, robots, or anything like that! We are human beings for Christs sake.

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Why don’t we try to slow things down?

To take a step or two backwards, if necessary and start all over again with a fresh mind? Are you crazy? You can’t just do that! You need to hustle! You need to speed things up! Why don’t we stop here and there for a minute or two and try to recover? Sure, we do that and call it meditation. But is that really helping us in any way?

Where does this hustling come from?

In which year has the human race decided to speed up the whole damn thing and do not care about our own bodies any longer? We can’t go on like this forever! This should be clear to all of you by now!

But why don’t we have any intention to slow things down? Even for a minute? Because we can’t, or because we don’t want to? When looking at this world, I can understand the way people go through life. It seems to be their only option! And for me, honestly, I still need to learn a lot either. I hustle a lot! Sure, I have these goals in mind. But who tells me that those goals are really the thing I should aim for?

Sometimes I wonder. Do I really live in the current moment? Enjoying this very situation I will experience only once in my life in this exact way? Or do I live in order to experience things that will happen to me somewhere in the future?

For years I am chasing after my Porsche. But once I will have it. Will it really be as cool as I have imagined before? No! Of course not! It’s just a concept I have in mind. A story I told myself over and over again!

Living in the present moment? Something we should all do more often. I dream about things in the future, but do not see the beauty of this very moment on my journey. Do you use your time in the correct way? Is whatever you are doing in life the right thing?

Time will tell, I guess. Time will tell.

If there is one thing you should do, it is trying to slow things down. Live more in the present moment and try to enjoy what is going on around you.

See you next time!

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