#511 Passion, Motivation & Mindset – S3 E3 – Enjoy your journey!

“Enjoy your journey!”

A statement we better understand once we have reached our final destination.

Just stop living for a moment and gather your thoughts. Have you enjoyed todays adventures? Or was that just another day in hell? Have you seen the beauty in this world? Or only the traffic nightmare to work?

We all know that we should live more in the present moment. But do we really follow this advice?

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In order to do whatever you do, you need to find a certain amount of motivation. You need to find a reason for enduring something. Maybe you want to learn a new language, or a music instrument? Or you desire a master degree or get trained to do a certain kind of job. Whatever it is, you have in mind. Sooner or later you will have finished the task! You will have succeeded! But the outcome is not everything, is it? It’s also the way how to get there that makes just so much fun.

Looking back at the last 25 years of my small life I had so far, how often did I really enjoy the present moment? It doesn’t matter if I go back one year, two years or 15 years. I was always looking forward to the next thing in line! But really enjoying the present moment? Sure, I had some situations! Of course I had them! But these are just a handful of moments, at least compared the the time I have spend. Should I have lived more in the present moment? Enjoy the time more?

I always had this thing inside my head that demanded from me to go on! To move on! To reach for even bigger stars!

Enjoying the journey is something we, the people, tend to forget about in our everyday life. We take things for granted without even noticing how lucky we are that we have enough to drink, to eat, or to wear. I am not saying that you should lower your goals and think more about the environment, or other people and stuff like this. Sure, if you like such things, feel free to chase after those goals! But you should rather just slow things down in general! Just turn of your mobile device or computer right now, go outside and just stand there for five minutes breathing and having a look at this place you live! I know, sounds so typical! So esoteric, right?

That’s why you shouldn’t do that! I mean, you can try! But it doesn’t work!

Close your eyes! Not right now, idiot! First you need to read this!

Get a pen and a piece of paper. Ready? Go into the living room. Done? Now draw your bedroom from memory. How does your window look like? How does your wardrobe look like? How many sockets has your room? How does the floor look like? How does the picture look like that is hanging on the wall? Can your draw your computer? Do you really know in detail how all of that looks like? Can you draw your complete house in any detail from memory? How many posts has your garden fence? How many roof tiles your neighbors house?

We can go on like this forever. The funny thing about it? We just don’t know all these details.

Why? Because we don’t care! It simply put, doesn’t matter how many posts your garden fence has. It is not relevant to you! And that’s the reason why you haven’t noticed! Sure, if you have built it yourself, you know the number right a way! But without a connection, well, this becomes just something that is not important.

Get back to this experience whenever you will feel overwhelmed or in a hurry! Slow things down! Try to be in the present moment! What kind of tasks can you do today that will help you moving forward in this life tomorrow? And after you have found them, well, just go for it!

We think that we know our close up environment, but actually we don’t. Why? Because we don’t care. Now that I brought this up, maybe you will care more. But as always in life, you only see the things that you want to see. Not the things that you should see.

After 511 daily blogposts this thing get’s quite obvious for me. Even though that I write every single day, I can’t remember every single post I did. Sure, I remember some of them. But definitely not all. But it actually doesn’t matter. We move on in life. We learn, we evolve! But if you do not enjoy the process, well, you are more likely to quit! To spend your time differently. To do something else instead.

Life is something you can enjoy, but this is totally up to you!

My advice for you guys out there?

Do what you love and enjoy every single second of your life. You will never know when it is over! Don’t waste your time with doing unimportant things! If something feels wrong to you, ask yourself what you can do differently. This life is not supposed to be boring, difficult, or something you need to get over with as soon as possible. Sure, we think that our problems will get better once we have reached a certain point in our life. But honestly, they don’t. Instead of getting easier, it will become even more difficult! Therefore, don’t try to shortcut your way through life! Enjoy every single moment of your journey and you will see, life is awesome!

See you next time!

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