#512 Project W (Double you) – S3 E12 – Lean thinking

When people need to solve problems in life, they tend to think way too complex all the time. Instead of looking for the most simple solution possible, we throw ourself into these projects, chasing after the newest technological breakthroughs!

But is this really necessary?

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We are used to complex things. That’s the reason why simple and easy solutions doesn’t come naturally to us. We look at this thing and say, hey! Where is the improvement? Where is the groundbreaking new technology? Why should this thing be better? It can not even do more!

If you want move on in life, a lean thinking process will definitely not harm you. Instead, it will help you to become even better and more efficient. We can always make things more complex, of course we can! But can we also make it more simple?

Can you stop being a nerd for a moment and just think like a realist? Can’t we just look at a problem and try to solve it in an effective and efficient way?

Why does everything needs to be so complicated all the time? Can’t we just describe it more intuitively? Studying mechanical engineering, I have never understood why stuff is not getting explained in a more simple and interesting way. Well, today I know that I am having a different mindset! Sure, I like engineering stuff. But I don’t want to be the one-track specialist! Sure, some topics are more interesting than others. But come on! Nothing in this world needs to be so complicated and boring. There is always a more simple way how to do stuff!

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

Albert Einstein

Start develop a sense for making things easy! How do you think can I endure this weekly schedule of mine so effortlessly and repeat it week after week after week? Because I have secret superpowers? Because I have very complicated processes going on all the time? Or because I have made my life as easy and simple as possible?

Right! Everything is just that, a process. Writing this daily blog is just a process as well. Sitting here, starting the computer, opening WordPress, creating a new blog post, writing, thinking, correcting, and this in a loop until it is finished. Finding a picture, giving the thing a name, setting the publishing time. And that was not even everything that I need to do. But as you can see, sure! Someone might say! Posting something everyday is a lot of work. But well, if you have worked on the actual process and tried to make it more simple. It becomes something you can easily do between doing other stuff.

Everything in my life is just analyzed to the detail. Sure, maybe I am a freak! But I don’t care. My intention is not to do whatever you expect from me, but instead reaching my personal goals. And in order to do that, this becomes a very important part of the game. Don’t make things hard, complicated and difficult! Make them easy, fun and actually quite doable!

Sure, lean thinking is something I studied at university. But it’s not just something you can use in a production facility at work. It’s also something you can apply in your everyday life.

Just give it a try! Start with one process and make this easier. For example your morning routine. Just think about all the tasks that you need to do everyday. Are they really necessary? Do they need to take so long? What could you change in order to have more fun? How can you motivate yourself for doing this?

What do you get out of the equation? Time! Time to think about other things! Time to do other things. Time to focus on what is really important in your life.

People don’t understand, but life is just a collection of a definite amount of time. What you do with your time is totally up to you, but don’t come to me afterwards and complained that there wasn’t enough time to actually live. Because in fact, there is always enough time! Someone might just need to take the time.

Think like a company owner. Imagine your personal life would be a huge company. What would you do differently? What should you do differently? About what would your employees complain about?

You can change your life whenever you want to. But you need to want to change it first. Look at your life differently. Ask yourself the right questions. Make more out of the time you got! It will be worth the effort! Believe me!

See you next time!

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