#519 Writing – S1 E7 – Books these days are like …

Have you recently had a glimpse into a non fictional book about anything from succeeding in life to leadership or anything in between? I mean, I couldn’t because of my eye, but I had a lot of time to listen to a bunch of audiobooks available out there.

Well, I had the time, but couldn’t listen for longer than five-teen minutes each. What the hell is going on!? Why does everyone believe that they have any right to write about a topic they do not seem to be qualified for? Come on! They can’t be serious! What is wrong with this world?

How come, that a book about “Thoughtful Leadership” mentions 10 different books you should also read in the first 15 minutes of listening? What is this? A joke? A scam? Has the author really nothing to say?

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This makes me so angry! GOD! But honestly! There are millions of books out there already! Do we even need more of them?

Writing on my own book in-between all the other stuff that is going on in my life, sometimes I wonder why I do it so differently compared to most of the other authors out there on the market. Why do I invest so much time into it, actually trying to figure out something new that has not yet been discussed or presented, when I could also just blast out some thoughts in between referring to a million of other books I am most likely even getting paid for mentioning!

Don’t they get it? Nobody is reading a book for the sake of figuring out a million other books they could also read about the topic that may include some valuable content or not. That’s like taking the telephone book and looking for “the reason of life”! Sure, the book contains a couple of numbers to some people that can most likely give you some of the information you are looking for, but you don’t want to do the research yourself! You bought the fucking book in order to find the information in it. Otherwise you could also just write it yourself!

I guess this fact alone should prevent you from reading books that have been written in the last 20 years!

Wrong promises! False assumptions! And everyone thinks that they are right and the others aren’t. God, I can’t stand those idiots! Sometimes, when I really force myself to actually start reading a book about a topic like this, well, this must be at least 20 years old! Why? Because back than, people actually invested a lot of time, sweat, and blood into their projects, making their books become something really special and valuable! I am not saying, that there aren’t any recent good books out there on the market, but the most of them are just a waste of trees.

What makes a book a good book?

I mean, don’t ask me! I am not a reader! Sure, I read! But I can imagine 1 million better things to do instead of that! In my life, I have not really consumed a lot of books from the start to the finish! And the books I have, well, they were masterpieces of it’s kind. Well written, funny, entertaining. Full of practical knowledge and precise! Not referring to any other books, but just talking about the topic of interest!

Can I change the way books are getting written these days? I guess I don’t want to! I have better things to do! But at least I can make it better with my own one! I can learn from those people mistakes and redo the complete thing over and over again until it will finally becomes good enough for publishing.

Books these days are like really bad salesman! They have no clue about the actual topic, the history of the thing, or anything like this, wear lousy suits, don’t make any definite statements and care more about their own financial interests than the customer needs.

If you would ask me, don’t read too many different books! Especially not new ones! Pick a collection of 5 to 10 books and reread them again and again! You will be surprised how much you will learn every time you go through them again and again! I for example reread “The law of success” by Napoleon Hill, published in 1928 every single year for the last 6 years! And do you know what? There is still so much I have not understood and implemented into my daily life yet!

Books these days are like they are, but they are only like they are because we don’t complain! Maybe one of you guys should start a blog about mentioning the worst books out there on the market! I think you will find a lot of content out there!

See you next time!

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