#518 Be thankful!

We have dreams, we have goals. We have a desire for more! But what if this is all not that important anyways?

Struggling with an issue with right eye this week, this is pretty much forcing me to rest. I can hardly even look at this screen right now. Well, good for you. This means that the blog will not be that long. But putting the jokes aside. What is really important in life?

Success, money, a family, or health?

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You can live without success, a lot of people are proofing this day by day! Money? Well, you don’t need it! Buddhist monks have no money, but they live anyways! A family? Well, it’s good to have one. But really necessary? Well, not at all! You can also live alone! But what about health?

Your life ends some day. I hope you are not surprised by that! But without good health, well, it might end even sooner.

The biggest problems in my last two weeks? Looking for jobs, doing some pictures for the application process and working on my master thesis in between looking for Porsches online.

Well, these things seemed to be real problems for me. But today, well, they are not that important anymore. I jumped down a couple of steps in the Maslow’s pyramid and find myself in the basement. Without a healthy body and mind, well, what does it matter what kind of job I have. Problems disappear, they dissolve themselves. Priorities change!

What is really important in life? It’s you! Your body! Your organs! Your mind!

It’s of course never a good thing to have issues like I have right now. But at least it’s an “eye” opener to what is really important in life.

And that’s not the kind of a car you drive, or the cloths you are wearing or how much money you earn!

Important are just a couple of things.

But with that said, I guess it’s time to end the screen time for my eyes for today.

Written in 10 minutes. If you find writing mistakes, you can keep them! 😂

See you next time!

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