#517 Discipline – S2 E7 – The Process – YOU CAN DO MORE THAN THIS!

We can all do more, right? At least a bit? Come on! Just a little bit more! Come on!

At the end of your life, you need to be satisfied! Will you be satisfied? Are you doing what you are meant to be? Following your dreams? Living the life you always wanted to have? Or do you struggle here and there?

Not finding the right excuses? Well, maybe it’s time for a change!? What do you think?

We can all just do a little bit more! Run an extra mile! Stay five minutes longer at work! Finish this task before going home! But is this really the thing we should aim for? Suffering even more?

You can do more than this doesn’t necessarily mean to do more! You can do more than this can also mean to do things differently!

Your life so far is exactly how you wanted it do be! Every single second you have spend so far has made you the person you have become. Good job on that, by the way! But is this situation in your life the thing you always wanted to be at? Have you reached your goals? Have you achieved whatever you wanted to achieve?

Discipline doesn’t come from out of nowhere. Discipline is nothing you get born with! Discipline is an attitude.

Photo by Ellie Burgin on Pexels.com

From the moment you get up in the morning, to the moment you close your eyes for the night! Not your genes, your bank account, or anything else you will come up with, is responsible for your situation! No, it is just you!

It’s your decision to be like you are. It’s your decision to do this instead of that! To follow this road and not the other.

In life there is no right or wrong! You can do whatever you want to do! In fact, you actually should do whatever you want to do! Sure, within some limits of course! But nevertheless, you can pretty much do whatever you want!

But that alone doesn’t seem to be the trick! You knew that before reading this already!

It must be something else you are missing! A reason? A goal? Something you desire?

What do you expect from life? What is your mission here on earth? Who are you?

Questions we don’t ask ourself. We switch on the TV and forget! But not this time! This time, it will be different!

Can you pause your life for a second and think? What are you currently chasing after? Why are you chasing after this? What’s the deal for you?

Is your life successful? What does successful even mean to you? Questions over questions! Do I know an answer? About your life? Of course not! But what I know is this! You can always do more!

You can do more than this! Come on!

It can’t be that difficult! You came far! Just keep on going! It will be worth the effort!

See you next time!

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