#528 Passion, Motivation & Mindset – S3 E4 – Never stop dreaming

Life itself is a fascinating thing to watch. We start young, inexperienced and weak, but before we know, we are supposed to be grown ups. Adults they call us. We are expected to do certain things, to behave like all the others, do get a job, build a home, found a family.

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But is life really all about that? Forgetting about your dreams and hopes you once had and now being more realistic? Accepting your faith? Standing still? Settling down?

I will and cannot accept this! This life, it’s my life. I can do with it whatever I want! Why should I live a life I don’t want to actually live? Why should I do what others expect from me?

Every single decision in life can be your last. But that’s not really the thing you should be afraid of. Most of the time, it’s not the end of the world. You just changed the direction, moving back, forward, left, right or simply come to a hold.

What is important in life? It is you! Whatever you claim as being important will be important.

Sometimes I wonder. Am I dreaming too much? Am I setting the bar too high? Am I just a dreamer, or is this really all possible?

At the end of the day it will be me who needs to be satisfied. It will be me who is supposed to look back one last time, seeing my own life rushing by and closing my eyes with a smile. What is a life without a Porsche? A slower life? A cheaper life? An easier life? Well, I don’t care! I have decided otherwise. And that’s the key!

Take a decision! But then act!

In this life, sure, some claim that miracles happen from time to time. Well, if you are a strong believer, good luck with that! But honestly, if you want something in this life, you need to get it! You can tell yourself 10.000 times a day how much you want something. But without you taking a decision to finally start doing something and then doing exactly that. How do you think will you reach your goals?

Spoiler alert, you will not! If you do not take the responsibility for your own life in your hands, it will never work! How should it work? How can life give you something back if it doesn’t even know what you want?

The law of attraction and all those other mystical sounding things out there want to tell you the very same thing! It’s always you that needs to be doing the job! It’s always you that life can blame! It’s always you that is holding yourself back.

Do you have dreams? Make them become a reality! It will be worth the effort! It will be worth the time!

See you next time!

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