#529 Over 300 Followers, But I haven’t even noticed 🙈

How could I not realize this fact?! Come on! What is wrong with me? I need to celebrate! We need to celebrate! 🥳

Well, to be honest with you, I just don’t care! I know, it might sound selfish, but it is the truth! This is just a number! A number that doesn’t say anything. A number that is neither helping you, nor is it helping me. It’s not making this blog any better or worse, right?

Having started this blog project one and a half years ago, for sure, hitting the 300 follower barrier is quite an achievement. Especially if you are considering the fact that I do not actively promote this project in any way. But nevertheless, it’s just not my goal, you know? It’s not what I am looking for!

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In December exactly one year ago, this blog project had around 40 followers. Today, well, I have over 300. But looking at my statistic, I haven’t gained the readers that I should have gained with that. I have gained followers sure, but I don’t get any better just because someone of you has pushed on this little button down below.

I need the feedback. Your feedback! I need the opinions! Your opinions! I need the experiences! Your experiences! I need the thoughts! Your thoughts!

Writing this daily blog is helping me! For sure, otherwise I wouldn’t do it. But how much is it actually helping you?

I know that the most of the things I am talking about here in this project are actually not very easy to understand. I mean sure, technically they are easy to understand, but hard to master. It’s the fact that knowledge alone isn’t anything, that you should have already learned! Sure, it might help in a difficult exam at university, you are right of course! But in this game called life, well, you need to use the knowledge you have acquired over time and actually do something with it!

Writing this daily blog is tough! Of course it is! I sit here and invest my valuable time! Day after day! Blog post after blog post! Sometimes I wonder why I am even doing this! What drives me? What is it that I am getting back out of the equation? What is pushing me forward?

The fame? Which fame? The pressure? Which pressure? The challenge? Which challenge?

Doing this blog project is the easiest of things in the world! I just sit here every single day and write down my thoughts for an hour or two. Sometimes it’s about something special, something that is just a part of my current life. But then there are other occasions, situations in which I just write about something spontaneously.

Whatever I want to write about, I just write about. There is no schedule! There is no strategy! It’s one of the rare things in my life where it seems like I really live from day to day. Sure, I write my current blog posts one day ahead of time. But still, sometimes I wish that I could do this with all the other things in my life as well. But no! I am thinking too much. I am a strategist. A long term planner. A guy that is never loosing his head. Always in control. Always trying to make things better.

To make things perfectly.

To all my dear readers that actually follow this blog, thank you for supporting me! Thank you for reading this! Thank you for not going on my nerves! 😂🙈 Well, I want you to know that I would very much appreciate more feedback! But can’t promise that I will change or do something anyways.

How many followers do I need?

I guess, the more people that see this, the more people I can help. But in order to see it, nobody needs to actually follow me! All my stuff is out there in the World Wide Web. And sure, what does it help to get a notification when I publish something? I publish something every single day at 9:11 German time. So, there is actually no reason for following me anyways. And to be really honest with you, now that we are talking. I don’t even think that I am that good already. Sure, it got better in the last 529 days! But there is still so much that I need to learn! Well, maybe next year around that time I will have 3000 followers 😂🥳 or 40 again 😂🙈! We will see!

The message for you? Don’t take numbers like this so serious. If you know that your blog is awesome, why do you need others to agree with you? Since day one I know that this is the thing! Well, one and a half years later, some people might agree with that. But had I listend to people on year ago, I wouldn’t have a blog anymore. The thing is, you need to just make your thing. Don’t look left or right! Don’t compare yourself too much with others. Just follow your heart. Do what feels right to you! That might be it! The message I have learned!

300 followers, that’s a lot of people! Just imagine, every single day I stand in front of 300 people. God, I should be more nervous when publishing something online!

See you next time!

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