#530 Project W (Double you) – S3 E13 – OVERPACE!

When there is one thing you shouldn’t actually do in sport, it is overpacing. Going way too far over your limits. Pushing too hard! Breaking down! Burning out!

The key of any endurance sport? Find your pace, stay at your pace!

But today, I want to suggest something different! Today, I want you to actually overpace! To go over the limits of what seems to be possible!

In this life, we think that we know our own limits. We think that we know how much me can actually push until we faint. But do these limits even exist? Are they for real? And if so, where are they? Always one step ahead of you? Are they really there? Do you know that for sure? Or are they there because we want them to be there? Are they just the results of a placebo effect?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Overpacing is something you should experience! At least once or twice! Why? Because it will show you that you are limiting yourself most of the time! It’s not your body! It’s not your muscles! It’s not your lack of energy! It’s just your mind!

How does a race car driver learns a track these days in the most efficient way possible? Buy getting into a half a million dollar car and carefully increasing the pace? Getting closer and closer to the wall every lap? Actually, no! They get into the simulator, crash the hack out of them and the machine and go directly to the limits of what seems to be possible! Why? Because it makes just so much more sense!

You step over the limit! Figure out what is possible! Well, and then just stay below the limit! That can’t be that difficult!

If you want to know your limits, well, you need to actually go over the limit! But how? And is that really safe?

It might be dangerous! We might get injured! Or we are destroying something! Well, lets rather do not do it then! Right? I mean, we are just not supposed to do it! You know?

Actually, yes, I know exactly what you are thinking! How often do we really push all the way through? How often do we go all in with what we have? Throwing the cards on the table and getting ready for the showdown?

Not that often, right? We find excuses why we can’t. Why this isn’t something people should actually do. In sport, we say that it is not healthy, in motorsport it’s too expensive, at university it’s too risky. Well, whatever!

But how are we supposed to push to the limits without actually knowing them? Today, I advice you to overpace! To step over the line and actually, maybe for the first time ever in your life, reaching an actual barrier. The actual limit of something. How far can you go? How long can you hike? How fast can you read? How much can you write?

Whatever you are doing in life. Ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing. Ask yourself, why are you doing it the way you are doing it. Ask yourself, why are you not doing it in a different way.

Honestly, there is always something in life we can do better. We can always try harder! Do more! Do it differently! If you know your actual limits, you will improve much faster! Therefore, go for it! It will be worth the pain! I promise!

See you next time!

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