#531 20 minutes writing challenge #42 – We see without seeing

Let’s just accept it! There is no denying! We just don’t care!

Who got up this morning, with an idea how to actually change the world and make this thing a better place? Who got up thinking about how to prevent people from starving to death? Or should we start with something easier? Maybe someone found a strategy how to save the ice bear babies from drowning? No? Nobody?

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We might not accept it, but it’s the truth! We just don’t care!

As long? As long as everything is fine! As long as we can do whatever we are used to do. We are fine, as long as everything is fine. What’s your problem, man?! Really!?

As long as we have a job, money, a partner, a family and stuff like this, what do you even want from me? As long as this is what we have, everything is fine! But the moment this changes! The moment our own little world seems to change, to break down, well, the hell breaks loose! Suddenly, our priorities start to change.

Why are religions are working all over the world? Because they help us the moment we struggle! The moment we loose the right path. The moment we experience problems, pain, death, or whatever else that might come our way.

Today is just a day! Tomorrow, just another copy of today! I do something, you do something, we do something. Is that something important for you? Important for me? Important for us?

This life is what? A game? Real? Fake? Who are you? Are you getting controlled? Are you a player or an in game animation?

We go through life with a pair of wide open eyes. But still, we don’t see! We look left and right! We envy others for what they have! Who has the bigger house, the hotter partner, the faster car? But is that really important? Is that really what we should care about?

These days, I am looking for a job! But why? Because I enjoy working? Because I want to give the world something back? Because I will do something good for each and everybody out there?

At the end of the day we are just selfish little pricks! We care about us more than we care about others! Sure, why should we think differently?! But this system doesn’t work like this, right? This world is build up on trust, on giving back, on helping each other.

Open your eyes! Ask yourself what you are doing! When was the last time that you have done something for someone else without getting anything back? When was the last time that you were not that selfish little prick?

Sometimes I really wonder what might be wrong with me. Why do I have the time to think about something like this? Aren’t I supposed to be blind? To do not see because of all that fog that the society is spreading all over the place? Sometimes I really wonder! Am I the only one out there that is questioning the whole big thing? Am I the only one that is looking for a reason behind all of that?

Why are we doing what we do? Why are we behaving like we behave? Are we just fellow travelers through life? Wasting our time until its finally over?

Hey! At the end of the day I want to achieve something here! I want to look back at my life with a smile on my face! Sure, I have this blog! I give back some advice! But am I really the right person for giving advices anyways?! Really!?

I might have more problems in life than the people I want to help! I might struggle more, suffer more, experience more! But at the end of the day, these are also the things that are pushing me forward. It’s the getting up in the morning and actually thinking about life. Thinking about the most easiest of things in life. The way we treat each other! The way I spend my time!

We see without seeing! But now it is time for us to actually open our eyes! What is really important in your life? What is really the thing you should start chasing after?

Think! Open your eyes and see! God damn it! It can’t be that difficult!

See you next time!

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