#532 Entrepreneurship & Business – S3 E1 – The sky is the limit

Dream big? No! Dream bigger! Think big? No! think bigger! What do you really want? What is your motive? What gets you out of bed in the morning? What prevents you from falling asleep at night?

The time is ticking. No! It’s running! It’s sprinting! Well, actually, it’s flying! You can’t stop the time, can you? But you can change your future!

What do you really want?

My goals

Is that really so difficult for you to answer? Well, actually yes! I mean, this is quite a decision to take, don’t you understand?! Don’t force me to take a decision yet! I am not ready for it! Come on! I need time! More time! Lot’s of time! I need to think this through! I need to calculate the risks! I need to figure out a plan B. Build up a safety net! Get some insurance in case this thing goes “PUFFFFFFFFF”!

But wait a second, what? You need to do what? No! Hey! Wait a minute! What are you doing!

This is called entrepreneurship and business and not how to never actually start doing anything, right?

In this life, we tell ourself why we can’t. Why right now is just not the perfect time! Come on! There is a virus out there! What do you expect me to do? Get off the couch and actually do something? Work on my dreams? Start this thing I always wanted to have?

Have you consumed too much RedBull? Calm down man! Let’s just wait until next year! Or the time after COVID-19! It will be so much better then! Believe me! But right now? This is suicide! This will not work!

In this life, we might expect too much! We desire all those things! The bigger house and stuff, you know?! But are we really willing to do something in order to get it? To suffer? To work on our dreams 24/7? Do you get up in the morning with a definite plan about how to get one step closer to your goals? Or do you just get up? Do whatever comes your way. And enjoy your time being here?

Do you have what it takes in order to push through until the very end? Are you willing to suffer? To endure the time of not having success? The time when people will laugh about you and your crazy idea? Are you willing to ignore those people? Are you ok with chasing after your dreams no matter what?

People talk about making money. About how to succeed in life. And sure, there are lots of ways out there how to get money. But money isn’t everything. Right? Especially at the beginning! What we need are the basics. The 1×1 of entrepreneurship and business. We need to understand the customers. The needs people have. We need to get to know ourself. How we think. How we react to situations. We need to learn how to keep a cool head. How to solve complicated problems. How to survive in this ever changing environment out there.

Do you have a personality? Or are you just who you are? Do you blend in perfectly in your environment, or do you stand out?

In this life, there might be no right or wrong. But looking in the past, it seems like it doesn’t really matter what you are going to do in this life, we will all go through kind of the same times. Times of success, times of misery. Times where we want to quit and times where we can’t sleep. Times we loose friends and times we gain new ones.

Am I ready? Are you ready? Honestly, I don’t think that we are! I think that there are still so many things we need to talk about. Therefore, here we go!

Welcome to season 3 of Entrepreneurship & Business!

See you next time!

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