#533 Learning – S2 E9 – Studying at University – Mindset

We want to learn. We want to improve. We want to get educated.

Or do we want to earn? To get a fancy title? To get something we can show off with, later on in life in a fancy bar?

What is it that you learn at university? Knowledge? Methods? Strategies how to do stuff? Sometimes I really wonder. Sure, I have learned quite a lot over the years. But wouldn’t life teach me the very same things as well? We can always learn through experience, through failing, through just doing a job and get better in what we are doing.

Some people might think that after graduating from university people might know everything. But well, in fact, that’s only the beginning. Sure, you might have learned something at university, I don’t doubt that! But in this world out there, well, there are different rules!

Imagine it or not, but in real life, you can actually allow others to help you! You can ask other people, you can use google, you can work in a team. There will be no test coming up you can prepare for five month in advance. Your boss will just tell you to show up right now and here you go! Talk to the customer! Defend the design! Do your fucking job!

Sometimes I wonder why universities are organized in the way they are organized! Sometimes I think that we should actually change the system. Less stress, less exams, more projects. But in this world out there? Well, it’s even worse! University should prepare us for what is coming next! But well, it seems like the universities are doing a very poor job from time to time! I mean sure, it always depends on the professor, your interest and stuff like this. But still! There is so much more you need to learn! So much more to think about in this life.

Photo by Ivan Samkov on Pexels.com

Being at university is a chance! A chance to improve! A chance to change! And sure, people change! They leave their parents homes, living somewhere else. They grow up! Changing hobbies, interests and stuff like this. But it’s not only that. Universities are also great place to figure out how this world out there seems to work.

We think that there are borders. We think that there are limitations. But honestly, there are non! Who said that you need to work for someone else? Who said that work needs to feel hard? Who said this? Who said that?

Being at university is an opportunity of a lifetime. Because it gives you the time to think!

Some people claim that going to university will not help you in order to earn more money in the end! They start a calculation and define the time at university as an actual waste of time. A time period in which you could otherwise already earn a lot of money. Well, sure, you can do a calculation like this. But that’s not what being at university is all about. It’s not just being there and hopefully earn more money afterwards. It is what the university is doing with you, that will change your life all together. Sure, I could have probably earned much more money in the last four years without studying! True! But I wouldn’t had the time to think. The time to change! I wouldn’t be the person that I am today!

Being at university is not just about learning! It’s more than that! But only, if you are willing to let the magic do its job! Only if you allow yourself to think and become open minded!

You need to get rid of your small minded believe system! You need to become more open for new things! You should dive into different topics and figure out how stuff is getting done. Be open, be motivated, be curious, be kind, and always do stuff!

See you next time!

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