#537 Behind The Blog – S1 E11 – More Success, please!

With the year 2020 coming to an end very soon. Finally! As some might say, I am looking back with a smile on my face. This year was one of the best years of my life, by far! But reflecting on everything that I am doing, well, I could have achieved definitely much more success with this blog, don’t you think?

I mean, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody that I am not earning any money with this and stuff like that. But still, after looking at how much time I actually invest into it every single day, well, this project should be even better, right? It should have more readers! More followers! More interactions! More of everything!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Who wants a “dream – act – succeed” t-shirt? Just kidding of course!

I guess my fan base is not ready for that, at least not yet!

Is this project successful? Is this project attracting enough readers? Has this thing a potential to grow even further? To expand? To become one of the most successful blogs out there in the World Wide Web?

I guess it always depends on the way we define success! What makes a blog successful? What makes this blog successful? What makes me successful?

In the end, I am just talking about stuff, right? I mean, I am just writing! I sit here every single day and just type. And type and type. Letter after letter. Word after word. Sentence after sentence! Blog post after blog post.

Should I invest even more time? Should I change the way I do this? Should I change the topics I am talking about? Should I go more into the details? Should I invest less time and doing something else instead?

It is kind of hard for me to decide! I mean, this makes a lot of fun, don’t get me wrong on this! But this is also hard work! And sooner or later I will have a real job! And once I have it, well, my time will become really valuable! Don’t you agree?

I mean, it’s good how it is! I just do my part, you do yours! You may read this, you may not! But in the end, I am writing this for myself! To document my journey. To write down what I think! To write down what I want. Of course I would love to have more success! But more success always comes with a price! More readers will increase the pressure! The need to deliver! The need to create something new! Something better!

Where do I see myself in the future? Where do I see this blog in the future? Questions I need to think about! But maybe you can help me! Where do you see this project in a year or five years, or ten years?

What should I change? What should I do differently? What should I do exactly as I am already doing it?

More success, please!? Well, it’s up to you and me! I need to create good content and you need to like that content. I guess once my content is good enough, the readers will come automatically! People will talk about it. People will share the content. People will start to interact more with me. Giving me the feedback that I need.

But until this, well, I will keep the work! I will keep on practicing. Day by day. Blog post by blog post.

What makes this blog so special? I guess every blogger should be able to answer this question.

This blog is special, because it’s combining things. It is looking for the patterns in life and connecting everything together. From racing to engineering, from writing to meditation. This blog project is so special, because it’s focusing on the details in life and makes sure that we are doing things right. Of course I could tell you stuff you are already know, but that’s not really the point. There is so much information out there, honestly, we do not need another blog about success! But this one here is different. Why? Because it shows you the exact way. Day by day! Task by task!

Thank you for reading!

See you next time!

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