#538 Tiny Mind – S1 E3 – MINIMALISM

Who hasn’t heard about this new trend!? Nobody! Right? I mean, come on! Where do you live? Behind the moon? Of course you have heard about it! Seen a video on YouTube or something like that! So come on! Don’t tell me you have never heard about minimalism! Well, in case you really have no clue, I will explain it to you.

Funny people, half time climate activists, half time do it yourself hobby inventors. Wearing thick sweatshirts bought in the second hand store next door and eating a healthy avocado bowl out of a recycled plastic shell, while telling you that we, the people, have too many things and should therefore start to live more conscious with less stuff.

All of that in one word? Minimalism!

Maybe this introduction was a bit over the top, playing with prejudices here and there, but you got the message, right? Strange people doing strange things! The motto: “Fuck the system!”

Well, I just made this up! Of course I did that! How should I know the motto? Maybe they don’t want to actually fuck the system, but stand out from the masses! Jus being different and stuff!

Looking into this topic in a broader scale, you can find connections to the “I retire with 35 years because I don’t spend any money and have a very minimalistic lifestyle” kind of approach towards life! Well, whatever! Everybody can do what they want! As long as they are happy! Sure, go for it! Be a minimalist!

But the thing is, as I figured out recently, that compared to those people that are actively living the minimalism lifestyle, well, my lifestyle could also be claimed to be an extremist version of minimalism. I mean, it sounds fancy, saying this while typing it on a MacBook Pro. But indeed, I am living the dream of a minimalist! I don’t travel. I don’t go shopping. I don’t eat in restaurants. I don’t go out doing anything that costs money besides going to the kart track once or twice in a year! I just save up as much money as possible, as simple as that!

Why? That should be clear to all of you already! Because I will buy a Porsche! And I will go racing! And I will have so many other things in life where I really need the money!

But while thinking about this, I got an idea! Why don’t I introduce a new kind of minimalism to this world?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Why can’t you have a minimalistic lifestyle, like I have, with not many things, but, instead of wearing and owning cheap stuff, you will have really valuable things? Why can’t you have a Porsche, Apple products and the like, but still live as a minimalist? Sounds wrong to you? Well, I think it’s a pretty damn good thing to do! I mean, I am living like this since I can remember! So, maybe just maybe I will find other people out there, that might want to get on board! Showing those vegan minimalists, that they are out of fashion! That minimalism doesn’t need to be sacrificing the hell out of our lives!

Quality instead of quantity!

Come on! We have all those things in our homes we most of the time do not even need! At least not regularly. Sure, the moment we actually want to throw something out, the reason for keeping it is coming back into our minds! And so, we keep all those things! Right! But we also get new stuff all the time! I mean, not me! But others, they do! I have seen it! I have heard them talking about it! So disgusting!

I mean, just looking around in my room, there are still so many things that I really don’t need! Sure, maybe one day, when Mars and Saturn are standing in the right position to each other, forming a perfect straight, then I will need it. But who knows when this phenomenon will happen, or if it will ever happen!

How do you compare your current lifestyle with the one of mine, or those of the other minimalist out there? Are you doing the same? Saving money all the time? Or do you just don’t care? You have so much money in your pocket, you do not even care! Your life is just fine how it is! You are living the dream already! Great!

I have never actually met a minimalist in person, or maybe I should say a fellow saver? Well, whatever! My current rate is at 60%. Meaning that I spend only 40% of what I earn. And sure, I haven’t earned much this year! But anyways. Maybe you are a minimalist yourself? Or you know someone? Is that a good rating? Or should I be even more strict with myself?

Minimalism is great!

Why? Because we really don’t need all these things in our lives! If you are analyzing your past week and put everything you have used in one corner of your home, you will see how much you haven’t used! And if you walk around and look at them, you could have saved a lot of money not buying them in the first place, right? Right!

Money is just a story! And you are deciding what is enough! You don’t need money! And minimalism shouldn’t be all about that! Minimalism for me, is freedom! Look at my weekly statistic and you will see what I mean! Instead of doing thousands of different things all the time! I just focus on a few things in life, but do these things very passionately. So, of course I can afford a MacBook, my new Audi coming soon, the 3k racing simulator and stuff like that! Because looking at how much time I actually spend with these things, why shouldn’t I go for the top of the class? Why should I make cutbacks with things that I enjoy? I can make the cutbacks in other fields! For example, not going to eat anywhere outside my home. That’s not possible!? Well, of course it is! You can always bring your own food and eat it somewhere in between doing whatever you are doing! Still don’t believe me!? Well, due to my health issues I was forced to live like this for years and it is possible if you have the right motivation! Today, it’s a lifestyle choice, in the past, it was not! Sure! But it’s possible nevertheless!

So, what do you think? Should we go more into the details with that? Introducing a new kind of lifestyle to this world?

I guess so!

See you next time!

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