With the start of the new year, I guess some people will misinterpret it again as their one and only chance of the whole year to start off into a better and brighter future! They usually sign up for their gym membership they will never actually go to, buy some sportswear that will keep them warm at 5:30 am in the morning, which they will never actually experience, start a diet based on foods they do not usually consume, or do all of these other things that got invented in order to make some money with peoples dissatisfied and most miserable lives.

But not this year! Thank god! The lockdown has finally something positive! Oh wait! What? They have adapted their strategies? Selling online workout courses, personal coaching via Skype and Zoom and the like? Very clever! Indeed! I am impressed! I guess, this kind of industry never sleeps!

With the start of 2021 it is finally time for you to change, nothing!

“Yes! Ehmm, what? Nothing? But I need to get in shape! I need to start living a new life! Come on! Please! Let me at least try it! I have all that energy to spend! It needs to get out!”

Do you personally feel more energetic today than you felt last week? Do you really think that your life will miraculously change, just because you do something you don’t actually want to do for the next three weeks? I mean, sure! I am not a personal coach, life coach or something like this yet! So, what do I know, right?

Well, I know one thing! You don’t actually want the gym membership anyways! You don’t want to go to the gym! You want to lose weight! But you do not even want to lose weight either! In fact, you just want to feel good! You have this image of yourself in mind, that tells you that you need to have less weight, or more muscles, or whatever your brain is telling you to chase after. The moment you will meet your own expectations, you will be finally satisfied and feel better! Or at least, that’s what your mind is telling you all the time!

In marketing there is this infamous example focusing on drill bits. Claiming that people don’t actually buy drill bits, but instead holes. Because nobody is buying drill bits for the sake of having them, right? They all need a hole in the God damn wall or else where. But in the end, they do not even need holes. They want to put something on the wall, or assemble something and so one.

Unluckily, it seems like your very situation pretty much sounds like this! Sure, you may have some potential to improve. Maybe business wise, on a personal level, or even with your sports program. But before you run right into the claws of the next organization, fitness trend, or personal coach that just want your money, please, take the time and really think about what you actually want.

And honestly, if you would really want the gym membership, why aren’t you already had one last year?

In this life, far too many people, me included, think that they need to meet certain expectations. We don’t want to disappoint our family and friends, our neighbors or even the class mates back from the old days. You claim to be successful? Well, show it! Where is your house? The car? The perfect morning routine? The pictures of beautiful beaches in foreign countries? The perfect relationship with your partner? And so on…

Today, you get another chance to finally change your life. But yesterday, you had the very same chance! In fact, every single day has the potential to change your life forever! To the good or to the bad? Well, only life knows the answer to that.

If there is one thing you need to understand right now, it is this: Every day counts!

How do you become a lawyer, an engineer, a pilot, a singer, a sportsman? Right! Through the continuous effort and investment of time, energy and mind capacity. You want to change your whole life starting from today? Fine! But tomorrow you will need to take the very same decision! And the day after this and the day after this! In fact, it may take a while until you are getting used to your new life! But don’t worry! The longer you are in the game, the easier it will become! How do I know? Well, look at my statistic and you will know!

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com
Enjoy celebrating alone 😂🥳

The secret in changing your own life?

Know what you truly want! Do you need drill bits or a hole? Do you need a gym membership? Or something else?

Start slowly, but keep on going every single day! There is no need to turn your complete life upside down from one day to the other. Start slowly, get used to your new life. Keep the pace!

Focus only on one thing at a time! Don’t focus on too many things at the same time. Our brains are not used to doing stuff like this. Just pick one thing and master it before moving on. You want an example? Instead of working on your breath work, the body posture and the way you are positioning your feet when running, just pick one of them and master it before moving on. You can’t focus on too many things at the same time! And people that claim that they can are either supernatural, already professionals in this certain field or just idiots.

Nobody said it will be easy, but nobody said it needs to be hard either! There is no need to go the exact way others have gone for you already! Find your own path! It will be much more suitable for you!

See you next time!

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