With the new year 2021 already spreading its wings all over the place, it may also be the time to define my upcoming goals and changes for my life.

But looking at what I have just written, well, it seems like I will not meet my first goal any time soon. Focusing less on what others are expecting from me and more about me doing my own thing. Is it really necessary to define goals at the beginning of the year? Especially today? I guess the answer is still no! Why should only the beginning of a year be the time for doing it? People are acting as if there has opened a magical portal to a different world at the end of 2020 and now they need to be as quick as possible in order to pass it before it closes again. Well whatever!

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For me personally, the new life is not starting today. I am still working on my master thesis, which is due at the beginning of March. Therefore, I guess there is no actual need to define goals and hopes for the year, when I am not even knowing where I will life in 9 weeks from now. Makes sense? Kind of, right?

But of course I have some long term things to do. There is a book waiting for me to get finished, there is my racing program that wants to get pushed into the next level, there is this blog I want to make even better, there is my sports program starting again in spring, there is a new job coming up on the horizon, there are business ideas to get brainstormed, languages to get learned and money that wants to get made, there are Porsches waiting to get worshipped, racing events to be watched and so many other things that are going on!

But where do I should focus on today? Well, as the most of you already know, I have always a plan somewhere in the back of my mind, therefore, here it is!

A. Finish the master thesis until it is done. (Until March)

Shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody! This is the most important thing in my life these days!

B. Finding my perfect job. (Until March or the time after)

Also not really a surprise! After studying all these years, I finally want to use the knowledge and work on interesting projects in order to learn even more.

C. Planning the next 8 years. (After having found a job and knowing if I will still live at home or not)

With my 8 years life plan coming to an end very soon, it is time for me to think about the next 8 years and what I want to reach during that time. Including the strategy for the blog, the book and all the other projects in my life.

As you can see, I don’t want to lose any weight, getting up earlier or the like. I have all of that pretty much under control already. Which is great for me, true, but also gives me the freedom to care more about the really important things in life.

But what can I do today, that will support you on your mission?

Having so many more followers than I had ever expected, I guess there comes also a responsibility with the job. Sharing my thoughts and insides with the world, fine! But where is the benefit for you? What do you get out of the equation? What can I do today, that will push you forward in your life as well? Causing you to reach your goals no matter what! How can I give you something back?

Questions I am not so sure that I can already answer. Sure, you can read the stuff, but is this enough? I am not so sure about this. I guess I need to find a way how I can help you, my dear readers even more in the future!

But sure, for the next two month, the master thesis will consume most of my attention first.

Have a good start into the new year and keep on pushing! It will be worth the effort!

See you next time!

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