#565 Life Coaching – S1 E10 – How to turn high stress situations around – PART I

There might not be a single person living on this planet right now, that was never in a high stress situation. From school to university. From work to your free time. From speaking in front of people, to decision making under pressure.

Stress, and especially high stress, seems to be a part of who we are. It seems to be a part of what we call life. We have all had them in the past, we will all have them in the future! Sure, we can try to avoid them! Running away! Hiding underneath our fears. But life is not allowing us to make such short cuts when needed. Life has a sense for fairness. At least, when it comes to high stress situations! We all get our shares, no matter what! The time might forget, but life don’t! You can not run away!

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But well, if we can’t run away, what should we do? Laying down on the ice cold floor in a fetal position? I guess that’s not an option! Closing our eyes and waiting until it is all over? Mhh, maybe that’s actually working … but it is not very practical! The risks are too high that someone is getting hurt! Especially if you are having your high stress situation in a moving object or vehicle under your control. But anyways, the answer is inevitably to stare down your fears and turn this God damn high stress situation into something positive!

Right? I mean, that’s at least what we expect from such posts! Right!? This is the moment where I tell you that high stress situations are actually something great! Something awesome! Something you are missing out in case you do not feel very stressed out from time to time! But honestly, high stress, what is that?

We experience stress! For example, when there is something coming up which we are not very familiar with! Or something that will have a huge impact on our future life. We experience stress, when our brains are trying to tell us that this might be too much already! When we need to slow things down! When stepping back is the way better option than just pushing through! But stress has become this modern lifestyle kind of a word, right? We hustle through! We give 100 %, sometimes even more than that with a smile on our faces! We have the most awesome careers! A family and business life! We schedule the hack out of our days! We are living life as purely as possible! Jumping from one big achievement to the other!

And then STOP! Welcome to the burnout!

But well, what am I even talking about? Right! The thing about high stress situations is, that each and everyone of us is experiencing stress in a different way. I say high stress, you think landing the airplane because the pilots have been knocked out! Sure, that might be high stress for a lot of us out there, but is not very likely to occur! Especially in these lockdown conditions! But what I am trying to tell you today is this:

Sometimes we are not really listening to our own bodies. Sometimes we simply move on, when instead we should make a break and reconsider our options. The stress is real, but what are the consequences?

See you next time!

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