#564 Discipline – S2 E9 – The Process – Understand who you are

This might catch you unprepared, but do you really understand who you are? Like, who you really are? How you do things? How you act? How your internal thought process works?

In this world, we claim that there are good people and bad people. But are good people good in nature? Or are they just behaving as such? Does a bad person gets born being bad? Or do people become bad over time? Changing to the dark side, so to speak? Why is this related to todays topic? Well, it’s pretty simple. Understanding who you are doesn’t stop with your name, the knowledge about your past ten years and stuff like this.

It means to truly understand yourself and accept whoever you are. Are you lazy in nature? For sure! Nobody would ever say that publicly! But in case someone is, it’s better to accept it, right? I mean, come on! We all know at least one person that is lazy! Just think about this person for a moment. Does this person know that he or she is lazy? Probably! I mean, they must notice it, right? But the question is, do they really notice? Do they have the awareness of being lazy? Or does their own mind trick them in some kind of a way? Telling them that they can’t do this or that today because of reason X, Y, Z.

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Discipline starts in your head. We have already talked about that! But what if you do not even know what is really going on inside your head? What if you fool yourself? Or actually get fooled by yourself? No? That’s not possible? You don’t think so? Well, I see this from a different point of view.

A comedian isn’t funny all the time. An artist not creative every single day and an inventor is definitely not a genius in everything that he or she is doing. There is a lot of time in between being funny, creative and a genius where we are just existing. Like normal people do, right? And in these very moments, which make out probably 99% of our time spend here on earth, we are just being who we are. Doing what we do. And stuff like this.

But the moment you understand who you are. Meaning that you know your skills, know your habits, know your true nature. You can start to adapt your life accordingly. There is no need to lie to yourself! If you are lazy, you are lazy. There is nothing against being lazy. But claiming that it’s something else makes just absolutely no sense! Either you want something or you don’t. But you do not need to tell everybody how much you want something and ending up not doing anything in order to reach it.

Understanding yourself means creating a connection. A connection between you and yourself. But how?

I guess there is no real solution to that. Some people just have it. They have this awareness to think about such strange things in life. Others, they don’t. But certain situations in life will cause them to think differently. An accident, a life crisis. Stuff like this. But we can also just start finding to ourself without any reason. You may just start today!

People say that I do so much, but for me, it doesn’t feel like doing much after all. I do what I love, why should I stop doing it? If you understand who you are, you know basically everything there is to know about yourself.

How to motivate yourself? How to make yourself feel good? How to make yourself feel bad? How to make yourself feel angry? How to make yourself laughing? How to make yourself focus on something and pushing through until the very end? You should know how!

Discipline is something you can learn! It is something you can implement into your life. But only if you understand who you are and what you want.

You want to do more? There is no need to do more! Just do less of the things that you don’t want to do and there will be so much time, you will automatically do more! Even if you are the laziest person on earth. There comes a time when life is so boring, you just need to do something!

And with that said, I guess it’s enough for today. Keep on going! But start with yourself!

See you next time!

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