#563 Learning – S2 E10 – Studying at University – Why do you study?

Ten or so years ago, I would have never thought that I would actually study engineering one day. Well, today I am in the last weeks of my master thesis. But with the end of the program coming closer and closer, there is one question rising up on the horizon over and over again. Why have I done this to myself anyways? Why the stress, the pressure, the exams? Why learning so much and sitting at home alone while others enjoyed life at its fullest?

In our western world, going to university seems to be an integral part of life. So many people have done it before, so many people will do it in the future! But where is the point when each and everyone is going there, right? Some people study because it is expected from them. Sure! It’s their parents expectation, their long family background in a certain field, or just the environment they have been born into. I can understand! Even though nobody has ever expected something like this from me, besides myself. But for sure, this might be the wrong attitude towards university anyways.

Sure, it’s great that you get a kind of a title! But hey! Life is not about collecting titles! Life is about living! About following your dreams. About doing what you are meant to be doing! Every single day! No matter if it is raining or not!

In case you study yourself, or have studied something in the past, take the time and really think about it! Why have you done it? Why do you do it? What is your reason? What is your explanation?

For me, it fells kind of strange to accept. But I was thrown into this rather innocently. Sure, I had done my apprenticeship for three years already and therefore some kind of a clue about this world of engineering. But still, I had other expectations than I might have today. Honestly, the time went by so fast.

I can clearly remember the days when being in the first semester. How little I knew back then about life and stuff in general. Sure, our society taught us that we need to study. But actually doing it is something else. University is not really as people think it would be. It’s not that bright, that energetic, that much fun! It might be the exact opposite. At least in some cases.

But why is it so important to know why you are doing something? Simply put, because once you truly understand, you will do it in a different way. You will not see the next exams as something that is trying to make your life even more miserable! You will see them as a chance to proof yourself. You will not see those endless hours studying as some kind of modern 21th century torture, but instead as a great opportunity to learn. The moment you know why, things will change. Sadly, I always had this bigger picture in mind and couldn’t or wouldn’t enjoy the time as much as I probably should have. But well, I made the best out of it, doing what was expected from me.

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But it’s not about university of course. Everything in life gets easier once you understand your reason for doing it. Let’s take this blog here, for example. I just sit here and write, every single day for the last 563 consecutive days. Why do I do it? For the fame? The money? The prestige? Thank god I do not! I would have stopped by now and gave up! This is still far away from being world class, sure! But definitely closer than it was 562 days ago. I do this, because it helps me to grow. It helps me to move on in life. It shows me a different side of life that was before invisible. With me knowing why I do this, of course I do it every single day with a smile on my face. But so should be everything in our lives! We should get up in the morning in excitement for the day that is about to begin! But this kind of feeling comes only when you truly know why!

Figure out your reason! It will help you to set your priorities right!

See you next time!

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