#567 Writing – S1 E8 – Writing a master thesis

With me doing literally nothing else besides blogging, eating, sleeping, sport and my master thesis, this year 2021 seems to be starting off with a writing marathon. A battle that is nearly won already, thank God! I mean, look, the finish line! It is already pretty much in sight!

But writing a master thesis is different to just blogging around. It has this kind of seriousness to it! Those expectations! Your own expectations. The thing about writing is that it gets better over time! One might just start all over again and make it a little bit better than it was before. But the thing about a master thesis is of course, that the time is so highly limited. You can not just do it all over again and again and again! There is definitely no time for that! Believe me! But well, what should you do? Writing it poorly then? No, of course not!

The thing about writing is that you need to write a lot of bad stuff first, before something good will eventually come out of the equation. Therefore, write! Just write! Give the best you can, at least for an hour or two! Afterwards you can take a break!

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A lot of beginners are trying to push the writing part to the end of the project. They claim that they have nothing to write about. A typical case of procrastination! For sure, you may need to rewrite some of the early written parts! But at least you have already written something.

For some, a bunch of words mixed together to a paragraph is called writing. But actually, writing is more than that! Writing is a way of communication! It’s a way of transporting an idea into someone else’s mind. Therefore, you do not just type in some words, trying to make it sound good. You are telling a story!

As we all know, a good story falls with a bad narrator! Have you ever looked for a specific audiobook on YouTube but could only find a video of one of those ignorant people out there, believing that they are actually suitable for reading a book aloud? Well, it’s not just the words, its also the way they are presented!

You can write coldly, in short sentences. Describing a process is a neutral way. Is that the way you should write? Is that the way other people expect you to write?

I don’t think so! They say: Write in short sentences! But they don’t mean, write in short sentences all the time! They say: Write in a neutral way! But they don’t mean write as sterile as an emergency room.

Words transport a message. A meaning! But also something else, the story! Your story!

You can write coldly! Sure you can! But are you really that ice cold? Don’t you have a heart? Come on! That can’t be it! You have a story to tell! You want this message to get spread out into the world! People think that writing a thesis isn’t fun! But actually it’s a lot of fun! They just try to do it in the wrong way!

When writing a thesis you need to pick the words to perfection. You need to explain things simply. You need to make people understand. You can’t accept any misunderstandings. You need to guide your reader through the topics, describing what is important and why.

Some people do not understand. They just write! They write it down. Once! That’s it! But that is not called writing! I do not even know how to call it! The goal is not to fill a couple of hundred pages with your nonsense! The goal is to tell others how you did it! You tell them how exciting it is, how tough, how challenging! You tell them your story! Not more, but also not less!

Just sit there and write! Write down your thoughts. Write down the things you think are important. And then? Well, you read it! You start at the beginning and read. Aloud! One word after the other! And while you do so, it will come naturally to you! Every time you need to stop, there is something wrong with the structure of a sentence. Every time your breath isn’t strong enough, the sentence is too long. People claim that they do not know how to write very good! Well, you do not actually need to know that! Why? Because we are pretty damn good in spotting the mistakes of others! Just read it yourself and you will see how easy it is to figure out the mistakes. You will just see the problems of your writing, instantly. And then, simply make it better! And better! And better! I am currently in my fifth cycle and well, it really gets better and better and better over time!

Look, nobody is expecting from you to be perfect, but you have more than enough time to make it almost perfect!

See you next time!

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