#568 Behind The Blog – S1 E12 – Blogging when time is limited

With my master thesis being in its final stage, I guess, I should rather focus on this instead of the blog. Right? I mean, I can focus more on this project after the master thesis is done! And well, technically I am doing this.

I still write! Sure! This is a daily blog, what else should I do? But I try to make things easier! Definitely! I try to make things faster! How? Typing faster? Good idea, but no. I just write things down that come to mind. Similar to a 20 minutes writing challenge day. I start, like I just did, with a new post and see where my thoughts are guiding me towards. What are the current things in life I am focusing on? What are general problems? What’s next on the agenda?

As some of you might have already figured out, actually there is a kind of pattern to which topic comes next. But do I schedule my posts? Actually no! I just go through my sites, starting at the bottom and work my way up. One topic at a time. Without planning, without preparation. Without doing anything besides writing. But that is hardly possible, right? You need to do your research! You need to get prepared! You need to know what you will post on Tuesday next week, right?

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Actually no! For sure, if you are talking about stuff you do not know, please, do your research properly! But if you talk about something you are already quite familiar with, where is the need to plan so much? When I have started this blog, I wrote the blog posts on the very day they got published. Stressful! I do not recommend that! After a couple of month I started to write one day ahead. Meaning, I would write on Monday the thing for Tuesday, completing it on Tuesday and post it. A year later into the project, the strategy changed again! Now, I was writing one day ahead, but would already make it ready for getting automatically published on the very day. The problem, now it felt pretty much like writing the posts on the very same day you publish it, again. And this can’t be good! Therefore, I changed the thing once more, writing now two days ahead of time.

The current strategy

Today is Friday and I write Sundays post. That’s it. Two days in advance. You do not need more! There is no need for a schedule, or all those other things that might make things even more complex and time consuming. You just need enough room for your thoughts to flow, and that’s it!

I do not have much time these days. For sure! But still, there is always a little bit of time for blogging, right? I guess so. I am planning to finish the thesis in four weeks, therefore, the end is really in sight! And sure, once that is done, I am technically finished and get my title soon afterwards. And this is just more important than this blog, I hope you can accept that! What the future will bring, I do not know. I have not yet found the job that I desire. But I will find it eventually, don’t worry! And if not, maybe I create my own.

When time is limited, it’s important to know what you are doing. Some call it routine, others a habit. I guess the more familiar we are with what we are about to do, the better! Practice to work under pressure, and you will work under pressure. But don’t expect to get thrown into such a situation unprepared and succeed all the time! Everything is just a process. Therefore, we can do anything we want. But not without paying the price for it, no matter if it an investment of time, energy, or hard work.

Blogging when time is limited is possible, but I do not recommend it for a longer period of time! Blogging should be fun! And fun is definitely something else!

See you next time!

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