#571 Racing is life – S5 E4 – BASICS – Never give up

Some people might laugh about you! They might claim that you have lost your mind! That what you are looking forward is just “unrealistic”, “not possible”. People demand from us to wake up! To be realists! But well, how far do we get with such an attitude towards life? Not very far, right? But they, they do not care! They increase the pressure! They want to see us failing! They want to see us giving up! They want to hold us back. Not allow us to go on!

If you can’t stand the pressure in life, you will fail! You will stop midway! You will give up! You will allow others to take your position! But we? We can’t give up! We need to follow our dreams! We have to reach our goals! We can’t stop!

The battle might be lost, but not the race! We can attack in the next round!

I know that I am still far away from my first real race! But does that matter? Is that important? No! Of course not! It is not! I have a goal to reach! I have a dream to fulfill! While for some, racing is a question of money, time, or luck! For me, it’s nothing of that kind. For me, racing is life. Driving is a passion! Cars are a part of my identity! Give me a car to drive and I am happy! For me, there is no question if I will go racing or not. It’s just the question when?

I am convinced that I will do it! One day or another! If this is really the thing I want to do, well, what should be able to stop me? I will find a way! I will get the chance, I will create my own chance!

Photo by Flo Dahm on Pexels.com

Sometimes I really wonder where I got this from. Sure, I am driving cars for a while now! Nearly nine years! But actually, there is this thing I realized that doesn’t seem to be normal. I sit in the car and have this connection. I communicate with the car and it communicates back. But not necessarily in a technical way. Of course I know how all of that stuff works, I mean, at least that was something useful I learned at university. But this connection I am referring to is different. I do not even know how to describe it. It’s like the car becomes an extension of my body. I do not need to go over the limit to know where the limit is. I just drive right to it, but never over it. It’s just there! Well, sure, this sounds a lot like I just want to show off! But well, that’s not it! I am a terrible driver, at least when it comes to normal “street legal” driving. I suck at parking, I don’t enjoy driving in new places and my clutch work isn’t the best either. But when it comes to driving around a corner, or getting the power under control, that’s my time to shine. That’s where I am good.

I have this dream, that one day I will start racing. Until then, I guess the simulator will be my second home.

Never stop chasing after your dreams! Never stop dreaming! Never give up! You can reach everything! It’s just a matter of time!

See you next time!

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