Have you ever been lost in time? Totally in the zone? You were just sitting there, doing your job as the time flies by? For me, these days are rushing through, unbelievably quick! I have a job to do. I need to finish my master thesis, of course. But it’s already the 19th of January! I was working non stop for the last three weeks on this thing but it is still not ready …

The calming effect of having something to do. I can definitely refer to this one today. In life, we think that we are the only ones with the problems. We think that our situation is just so unique and different compared to all those other people out there. We think that we are special, that our lives are special. Well, I do not want to doubt that! I am just saying how good it can feel to be busy. To do not even have the time to think about problems, issues and stuff like this. I have not yet found a job, but I also have not yet even really started to look for one. There is just this one big thing in my life these days that demands focus, concentration and the most of my time! There is simple put not more time left for me to thinking about all those other things in life.

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But while being here, in the zone, I realized how calming it actually is. I just do not even have the time to think about what is going on. My body is trying to store as much energy as possible in order to survive the next afternoon session! And so, as it seems, my mind is not really being all over the place most of the time, but instead, just pretty much here in the present moment.

These are supposed to be problems? HA! No! This is not related to the master thesis! This is not a problem! Just finish your work, you can do all of the other things later on! And so, as stressful as working on the master thesis might sound, I am pretty much in a good metal state. My health issues got better, sure, my eyes are still kind of complaining, but my appointment is only in two months time. #DoctorsInGermany So, I need to push through anyways! With the lockdown still going on, at least I can focus on my master thesis without the need to go to work too often. Currently I do two days a week.

I know that being busy is not the long term goal I should aim for in the world of meditation. But God damn it does it work! If that isn’t a life hack, I do not know what better thing there is. It works every single day! It’s for free! What do I want more?

Ones the thing is ready, well, maybe I will fall into a deep hole, trying to recover. But we will see! Maybe I will also find a job and everything is fine!

See you next time!

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