#573 Passion, Motivation & Mindset – S3 E6 – Never stop and you won’t stop

Wednesday, 2:35 pm. It’s time for a break. With one home office day blurring perfectly into the other, it seems to be one of the hardest tasks to keep track of time. We do the same, every single day. I need a break. The master thesis, it needs to wait. The blog is important as well, is it? I guess so!

Some people talk about the right motivation, others about the mindset you are supposed to need. For me, I can not take those people serious. Do they even know what they are talking about? Does anybody out there have a clue? What keeps you pushing through? You have something in mind? Good! But who tells us that pushing through is the right thing to do anyways?

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Sometimes we need to go over the limits, true! But we do not want to get injured, right? We do not want to get too far of track, maybe even getting killed? Well, I guess it depends on what you are doing! Sometimes the risks are high! Maybe considering this next time? Mhh, maybe!

The secret about pushing through? It’s not a secret! You just get over with it! You do it, no matter what! Nobody can stop you! Nobody can hold you back. This guy is on a mission! If that is the right thing or not, well, not todays topic. We think too much or too little. That’s our problem. When we think too much, we will never do it. When we think too little, probably someone gets hurt. But why don’t we try to find our luck somewhere in the middle? Like considering something, thinking about it, but then just do it to a certain extent? Just trying it out? Come on! That can’t harm us!


I write this blog, every single day. On good days, on bad days. On days with a lot of stuff going on. On days with nothing really going on. I write this thing today, even though I was writing for my master thesis pretty much the complete day. Do I stop? Should I stop? We all know that breaks are supposed to be good! And indeed, they are! But people do not want to see that! They claim that they work nonstop at something, 10 hours a day. They post it on Instagram, or wherever they want. But honestly, this is the most unproductive thing ever! Have you ever done something for 10 hours straight? Besides sleeping of course! That is making absolutely no sense! Why should you do something for 10 hours straight? Your focus will be long gone. Your brain tired! Your body done for the day. This is just so unproductive! Why are people doing it, really?

What differentiates the pros from the wannabes? The professionals know when they need to take a break! They work in patterns! They allow their bodies to recover! They try to enjoy the process. Whoever tells you that they are just hustling through, well, don’t listen to those people. That’s just fake! You can’t give 100% for 10 hours straight! Sure, you can sit there for 10 hours doing something! But I can easily do that in half the time when having breaks!

The thing is, stopping is a good thing! Instead of adding another stint for my master thesis I write this post. Is this holding me back? Well, maybe! But I will come back out of the break more energetic! I got time to think stuff through! I get back to work with a definite plan and a fresh mind!

Do not be a fool! Get some rest! Take a break! It will be worth it!

See you next time!

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