#574 Project W (Double you) – S3 E15 – A reason

Without a reason, we ain’t do nothing! If I am lucky, 20 people will read this post in the next 24 hours. Why not more? Well, why should people read it? They do not have a reason to do so! In fact, they do not have any reason to do anything related to my blog. They do not even know that I am existing. Well, fair enough, I mean, I do not know them as well.

But why are you reading this? What is your reason? There must be one! Boredom? Nothing else to do? A curiosity for something new? Just think about it! Why do you have a blog? Why do you read other blogs? Just why?

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Without a reason, we wouldn’t do what we are doing. We wouldn’t get up in the morning feeling ready to tackle our tasks. We would get up, sure! Eventually! Somewhen later. We would have a glass of water? A morning cafe? Well, we would find something to do! But life without any reasons? Can that even exist?

Thank god we have a lot of reasons! We need money, food and probably a roof that protects us from the falling rain. But even after those reasons we have thousands of others. We have goals to reach. We have plans. We have expectations! We have all those things! Planted in our heads! Building up the fundamental part of hour life. Just look at it! Everything is based on those things.

But is that a good or a bad thing? Well, it just doesn’t matter! In your life, you can decide what is important! A successful career, or a family life? Two Ferraris or three Porsches? The sky is the limit! Whatever you want! It’s all waiting for you! You just need to get it, build it, start it! The thing about reasons is, that we have them. But! Wait for it! Wait for it! Wait for it!

We have some reason without any reason! We have those expectations for life. But wait a minute! Why? That is supposed to be a reason? That’s not! I can tell! Look at it!

Life without reasons does not exist. But when they are there anyways, why don’t we use them more often to our advantage?

Because we do not know how? No! We know how! We know how to create reasons! Just have a look at your life. Whatever you are doing, you are justifying your actions through reasons. You were not just speeding and the police caught you! You had a reason to do so! Am I right? Just look at the last ten mistakes you did and ask yourself why they have happened! You will be surprised! There are a lot of reasons why!

The thing about reasons is that we do not use them in the right way! We use them for our advantage! That’s sure! But rather in a protective kind of way. We find excuses! We claim that it’s hardly our own fault! But sure, in the end, such a behavior is not really getting us anywhere!

If you want to boost up your life, update your reasons. It might sound too easy, it might sound so stereotypical. But it’s the truth. The moments when something “life changing” is happening, people change most of the time to the positive. But where does that come from? A change or reasons? I claim that’s a part of it! I experienced it in my own life. Before, sure, I had reasons. But they were neither really deep nor well planned. They were just there. After the event, something has changed. I changed? No! But my perspective has changed! And how? Because my reasons changed!

In the 21st century, our lives are not really on the line. Therefore, why should we change something, right? It’s good here in our comfort zone! Life is good! Why risking something? Why starting something when we do not even know if it works anyways?

A REASON is what you need! A good one! A deep one! One that is just there for you! Guiding your through your days! Allowing you to never lose track of the big goals up ahead on the horizon!

What is your reason!? You need to know them! You need to filter through all of them and through the wrong ones out!

See you next time!

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