#578 Entrepreneurship & Business – S3 E3 – Generating ideas

We have all heard about those creativity techniques that are supposed to make things so easy, right? Just brainstorm the heck out of your head or Mind-map yourself the way towards success. But is that really helping us?

Sure, a good old brainstorming session in a team, there must be something good coming out of the equation, right?! It just has to! Come on! Just combine all of that brain power and let the magic happen! You can’t really do something wrong! But that’s the thing. We are doing things wrong! We think too much. We have that basic understanding for what is going on in this world. We just can’t forget about past experiences. We are always limiting ourself!

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It doesn’t really matter which kind of a creativity method you are going to use, most of the time we are doing them wrong anyways. Sure, we have all those rules! Do not criticize other ideas and stuff like this. But at the end of the day, come on! That’s not very innovative, is it?! We are thinking too small! Always too small!

They tell us to think outside the box. But I highly doubt that this is already enough! Thinking outside the box might be better than nothing, but still, it implies that we are staying on the paper, not leaving the room, the building, the country, the continent. When you have a look at the greatest of inventions the world has ever seen, ask yourself, where did those ideas come from? Who told them to do it this way and not the other?

When you really want to generate ideas! Good ideas, I mean! Maybe even awesome ideas! You may need to start with yourself! We are always thinking within limits. We always try to stay in between the things that we know. The things that sound realistic, logical even. But awesome ideas, they are most of the time not born when combining things we already know. Awesome ideas are coming to mind when we are free. Free in the mind, free in the body, just being free. But the moment we are limiting ourself, well, that was that! We are too small minded. Life taught us to stay in our comfort zone. Sure, its warm and comfortable in here, great! But the next big thing? Where are the ideas hiding? In our comfort zone where we are all looking for the all the time? Come on! Would you hide there if you were an awesome idea!? No! Of course not!

The thing about generating ideas is that there are no rules! People in general are always trying to brake things down into understandable little pieces. Makes sense when trying to figure out how a car is build together, sure! But when it comes to combining ideas, creating new ones or letting your mind be free! We start to wonder how that is supposed to look like. We start to count the time, or even worse, limit the time. We decide on the amount of people we want to have. We prepare the room, set a time limit and stuff like this. Sounds logical right! But when trying to find new ideas? Well, in this case it doesn’t sound that logical anymore!

I agree, there is a logic behind creativity. But at the end of the day, creativity means more than doing a brainstorming session with your colleagues for half an our in between regular meetings and see what you got. That’s not creativity, that’s a waste of time! Generating ideas is so important, therefore, you should start doing it more often. When? How? For how long? What the hell!? No! No rules! Just do it! Just start and look how it goes. Just see what works the best for you! Or, if you have problems with doing this. Just take one of those fancy methods and do it wrong on purpose. Get together with your friends online and criticize the hell out of you! Who said that this approach doesn’t work also?

A good coach once told me that there are no bad ideas. Well? Really? Why do I tend to have so many of them, if they do not even exist? But that is not what she wanted to say. She wanted to imply that a bad idea is just not yet completely thought through! Just give it some more time to develop and you will see! Every idea has potential when really thinking about it!

If you haven’t yet found the right idea, well, maybe you are not really looking for it!

See you next time!

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